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Is Your Lover a Cheater?

If you feel your partner might be unfaithful or is cheating then you need to keep aware of the way they are behaving. If you're able to relate to the things listed below and the answers to greater than Several of these are yes, then it's likely that your significant other might be a cheater.

Listed here are the most common symptoms which are shown from cheaters.

1.) They are consistently on the pc or their cellular phone. This can mean that your partner is having an affair. This is because it is much easier to contact his or her affair mate in this way. You should especially be concerned if they're on these devices late at night, or if she or he speaks softly on the phone as if for you to not pick up the conversation.

2.) Working late once more? So adjustments to working arrangements, or always having to work may be a large clue. Should you inquire about the extra time, cheaters can get annoyed, or offer you many extra information about precisely how things went in the office.

3.) Not being interested in making love is absolutely a substantial manifestation of cheating. The most popular explanations that you might hear is that she or he is "tired" or not feeling well. It is crucial though to note that many cheaters in fact become more sexually active, and this shows sometimes in trying out new positions or styles in bed that may seem odd or awkward.

4.) Money. Financial resources are always an issue if a spouse is cheating because costs will always be a lot more when there is an extramarital relationship going on. Your husband or wife might also try to disguise these along with other bills from you.

5.) Your partner may decide that he or she wants to visit or spend time with "friends" frequently, and when they are hanging out they will often also be conscious of his or her appearance.

6.) Basically if your spouse stops talking to you about issues of the day as well as their opinion of common situations then it's very possible that they are talking these issues through with another person.

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We've added over 500 new cheating stories from victims of cheating husbands or cheating wives and more new cheater's quotes. A new divorce lawyer directory has just been added to the site. The entire web site is currently being updated. Please check back soon for more new articles and resources on infidelity, extramarital affairs and relationships.

Should I Spy?

"Break Free from the Affair" is a new eBook by Dr. Bob Huizenga that answers the question that many people today are asking about their mate, "Should I spy?". He offers legitimate reasons for spying and he addresses the issue of privacy. He prepares you for what you may uncover if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating. Read more

Net Detective allows you to find information you want to know about anyone. You can do searches in total privacy! It's 100% legal and no one will know what you’re doing. Net Detective is simple and easy to use even for a beginner.

"The truth hurts, but it's best that you know." Anonymous


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Financial Dependency, A Reason for Cheating?

Your Stories

If you are thinking of cheating on your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend  my advice is do not, its not worth the cost: 1. Having to face your family, friends, co-workers. 2. Your kids look at you different, with no trust.
3. And the last, the lie eats you up inside trying to keep the secret. Once you take that first step your on the way to destroy everything
you have built with your family
More stories

I'll put this as simple as I can, she fell in love with another man on the net. I suspected it because all the typical signs were there. I asked her to be honest with me above all else and I felt that she wasn't so I bought a spy program. I was right. It is tearing me up inside but i needed the truth and I don't regret doing it. Yet still I am the one who has done wrong in this situation? She has twisted all this in her head to the point where the only violation of trust is by me snooping in her business. She almost had me thinking I was wrong for invading her privacy. Amazing what people will do to protect themselves from reality and responsibility! She still talks to Mr. chatroom Casanova daily. Like I said though, better to have known the truth now than later on when the pain would have been much worse More stories

Cheaters Quotes

My cheater said: "that was just a wrong number" after I found the same number on husband's cell for the n'th time

When I found a empty condom package in the dryer he said: "I've been setup"

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Discovering Infidelity

Proof of Infidelity
Is your mate cheating on the net or in real life? Don't ignore the situation and hope it will go away. You can't compete with a fantasy. If you are ready to know the truth, then look here.

Understanding the internet
Does your spouse take advantage of you because they know more about the internet and computers then you do? Knowledge is power. Check this section for computer, internet, chat and email basics.

About the Cheater
The warning signs of cheating. What do cheater say when they get caught? You won't believe some of these quotes. Find out where they cheat, why they cheat and how to catch a cheater.

Healing From Infidelity

Taking Care of #1
it can be a traumatic experience finding out that the person you trusted most has betrayed you. You are not alone. Check here for ways to deal with the initial shock, your self esteem, depression and more.

Marriage Counseling
A list of counselors that specialize in online relationship issues, stress and marriage counseling. Join a caring cyber affair recovery forum. Spirituality links can be found in this section

Internet Porn Addiction
Internet, porn and sex addictions can grow into serious problems for a relationship and the individual. What may start out as a curiosity, can lead to urges that can take over your life. If the internet has become an obsession for you, help can be found here.

Recovery From an Affair

Recovering Your Relationship
Advice on how to stop internet infidelity or a real life affair. Steps on preventing future affairs. Regaining trust in your marriage. Improving your sex life. Self help books on infidelity and relationships.

When Children are Involved
Should you tell the kids? Are you asking yourself, "Am I in this relationship just for the children?". Help for teens growing up with infidelity.

Moving On
If you have made the decision to end your marriage or relationship, this section provides advice and links to help you through this difficult time. Directory of divorce attorneys, financial dependency, dating advice, avoiding another bad relationship.

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