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DNA Paternity Tests

DNA paternity tests allow you to conclusively determine the father of any child for purposes of identification, custody and paternity lawsuits including child support. The GeneSwab home DNA collection kit is an easy to use product that allows you to collect the DNA samples for testing. Once this is done you simply send in the DNA samples and as quick as 3 days, you will have conclusive evidence that can even be admissable in a court of law.

There are also prenatal DNA tests that can be conducted to determine who the biological father of the baby is. Two procedures are available:
  • Amniocentesis: collecting the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus, or
  • CVS: collecting the chorionic villi that make up the placenta.
    Determining who the biological father of a yet unborn child or baby will also help determine if your wife or girlfriend is actually pregnant with your child and not with her suspected lover that may have resulted from an extramarital affair.


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