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Recovering Your Relationship

Three Steps to Stop
Internet Infidelity

3 Steps to Stop Cyber-Infidelity

His needs,  her needs, Dr. harleyHis Needs, Her Needs
by Willard F. Harley Jr.

Marriage works only when each spouse takes the time to consider the other's needs and strives to meet them. In His Needs, Her Needs, Willard Harley identifies the ten most vital needs of men and women and shows husbands and wives how to satisfy those needs in their spouses. He provides guidance for becoming irresistible to your spouse and for loving more creatively and sensitively, thereby eliminating the problems that often lead to extramarital affairs. Read More

How Should Affairs End?
by an anonymous visitor to ChatCheaters

This is how I saved my marriage after my husbands affair. These were my rules and if he wanted to stay together, than he had to agree to them. First, the infidelity must be brought out into the open and the cheater must apologize and be repentent. Secondly, there must be no further contact between the cheater and the other man/woman. Thirdly, I had to forgive but not forget. Meaning that I don't constantly remind him of his cheating, especially during an argument, but I also make him aware that if it ever happens again, I am strong enough to leave him for good. Both partners should seek counseling.

More Resources for Recovering Your Relationship

Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage

Relationship Rescue: A Seven Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner

When Children are Involved

Telling the Children? Peggy Vaughn
by Peggy Vaughan

The question of "telling the children" about a parent's affair is a common concern. In general, when kids know there's something wrong and don't know what it is, they tend to imagine that it has something to do with them. So they need to be given some kind of explanation for whatever emotional upheaval they may be sensing between their parents. But there is no simple guide to follow. Each parent must make their own decisions about telling the children. Read this article

Joint Custody Best for Most Children
An article by Jeanie Lerche Davis WebMD

Divorce is tough on everybody involved. But in most cases -- unless there is intense parental conflict or an abusive or mentally ill parent -- children fare better if there's a joint custody agreement. That's the advice from one researcher, after analyzing numerous studies of child
adjustment after divorce.
Read this article

A Funeral for My Family
Adult Children of Divorce

A sad story of a young woman who symbolically buries her family. This site should be visited by any parent that thinks that just because their kids have grown, they won't be affected as much by a divorce as younger children. Read this article

More Children & Divorce Resources

Divorce - Its impact on children


Moving On


If you have determined that your marriage or relationship cannot be saved and you are considering a divorce, visit this page. Here you will find resources to help you through this difficult time. Divorce Articles and Divorce Links.

A new divorce lawyer directory has just been added to the site.


"Dependency is having needs that you cannot, or feel you cannot, meet by yourself." read more

Are you staying with a habitual cheater because you are financially dependent on them? Financial Dependency

Dating Again

I married when I had just turned 17. Together for 23 years, I had never been with another woman. Not surprisingly, on my first date after my divorce I started right where I left off, a nervous, bumbling mute with sweaty hands. The only thing missing was the peach fuzz and acne, but I made up for it with extra pounds. If you have not dated in awhile, good luck to you. It doesn't get any easier. At least it hasn't for me. Follow this link for dating tips and resources. Dating



Marriage Counseling and Therapist Directory
Marriage Counselors

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