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Cheating Boyfriend

It's easier than you may think to catch a cheating boyfriend. Whether your boyfriend is cheating with another woman online or in the real world, there are several important warning signs you may observe. The more of these signs you detect, the greater the chances are that your boyfriend is cheating.

If he becomes agitated or hostile when you ask questions regarding his activities or spends large amounts of time out with his friends, he may be trying to cover up his cheating. Unexplained cell-phone and credit-card charges are another sign that your mate could be straying. If he's cheating with someone online, you may find he insists on total privacy when he's on the computer, getting up in the middle of the night to use it while you're sleeping.

You Deserve Better Than a Cheating Boyfriend

If you suspect your boyfriend may be cheating, you can always take the direct route and ask him to come clean. He'll probably deny it, but his tone of voice and facial expression may clue you in to the truth. You could also use a variety of surveillance methods, such as computer-monitoring software or a tinykeylogger to uncover the truth. You could even hire a detective agency to follow him.

Once you've found out that your boyfriend is really cheating, you're going to need emotional support to get through it. Join's infidelityforums to talk about your situation with others who have been through the same thing. You can also find listings for counselors across the country who can help you make sense of your feelings and move on with your life.