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Cheating Husband

In the modern world, a cheating husband doesn't necessarily have to be sneaking around to seedy hotels to have sex with his mistress. He could be having an affair right in the home the two of you share. If this idea shocks you, it shouldn't. Internet affairs are common these days, and your husband could be having one right under your nose without you realizing it.

It's easy for a cheating husband to hide his internet affair. If he spends a lot of time alone on the computer, you may never see him doing anything suspicious. Even if he uses a computer in a common area of the house, he could tell you his chat sessions are work related. If you're a very trusting spouse, you probably won't question this. However, your husband could be battling an addiction to cybersex that could destroy your marriage if left unchecked.

Help Your Cheating Husband Break His Internet Addiction

If you've discovered a cheating husband, there are several things you can do to help him break his addiction. You should:

  • Move the computer to a highly visible area of the house
  • Never let your cheating husband use the computer by himself
  • Limit his time on the computer each day
  • Install monitoring software (with his knowledge) to show you what he's been doing online
  • Randomly check up on him while he is using the computer

A cheating husband doesn't have to mean the end of your relationship. The resources here at are available to help you heal from internet cheating and restore your marriage.  Browse our pages to find help during this difficult time.