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Cheating Boyfriend Stories
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I found out that my live-in boyfriend was having an affair. I found a 4 pack of condoms in his gym bag, and 2 where missing. Since he can't have kids, the two of us never use condoms. I kicked him out of the house and I was just miserable! I really loved him the best I could, and we have a great sex life, and I really thought we'd get married and he was my soul-mate. Then I took some counseling classes to help me through the rough times... my whole world felt like it had been turned inside out. Mostly I couldn't understand how he could so easily hurt me... didn't our relationship mean anything to him? After 4 years and raising our (total of 5) children together? He tried to make contact with me but I didn't want to have anything to do with his lies. Turned out he had been sleeping with her for weeks! I found out who she was and called her on the phone, she had never even heard of me and didn't know he was in a relationship. Then he started attending my counseling groups, and discussing himself in a way that was surprisingly authentic and without ego. He began having a conversation with his father that he hadn't seen or spoken to in 35 years and swore to me that he was going to be a man of integrity... that he wanted me back and that he was certain I was his soul mate. I was reluctant, but I did take him back because I figured that if there was any chance for our relationship I wanted it to work. But the truth is, I still have not forgiven him and I do not trust him at all. I don't feel that he loves me the way I need to be loved, and I don't feel that he loves me the way I love him. I am always doubting our relationship, our future, myself, his promise to be faithful, and so much of my energy is consumed by the relationship and my unhappiness that I've decided to take a break from him. I miss the days of feeling carefree and beautiful and creative. Life is short, and I don't want to spend it feeling insecure. It's not about him being bad... he has his reasons for what he did and maybe he feels bad about it... but underneath the facade of us "working things out" there is a atmosphere of instability. It's like trying to rebuild on a broken foundation. I haven't told him how I feel yet, I keep looking for something miraculous to happen, I keep looking in his eyes for something that will make me stay... but I just feel that he is so far away. It makes me feel really sad, but what makes me feel even more sad is the thought of spending my precious life working for this relationship that is draining me. I can't make him love me the way I need to be loved, and he's not wrong for being unable to do so. I believe that amazing things are waiting for me right around the corner, now I need the courage to let go.
my ex-boyfriend cheated on me. every single one of my family and friends didn't like him. i thought he was misunderstood. he treated me well, when he wanted something. i wasn't used to being treated well, so i thought this was love. he told me everything i wanted to hear. i should have known. he was never faithful before me but he said he was over playin' and wanted to settle down with me. of course i fell for it and supported him in anything. but deep down, i never fully trusted him. i have been in so much stuff with him, i just thought i was paranoid. after two years of saying he wanted to marry me and he was in love with me, "she" emails me to stay away from him. that i'm the one who is trying to break up their relationship. she tells me that they are now married and are having a child. i don't know how long they were together, but i know it was a little after i decided to go to school abroad to have the opportunity of a better future for the both of us. i'm currently abroad with no family nor friends. i'm constantly alone and this doesn't help. i hate the fact that everyone warned me about him and i always had my gut instinct tell me something was wrong. but i didn't listen because i was "in love". i even pushed my family away, for him! to me, my family was my #1, than i chose him because i thought that they just don't understand him. i'm still apologizing to my family. my advice, listen to your instincts and know that no matter what, your family will always be there for you. my problem is, how can i ever trust someone again? will the next guy cheat on me? it hurts so much...
My boyfriend of half a year slept with another girl, then one week later admitted it to me because I made him feel so guilty that he had to tell me. Were it up to him, we wouldn't have talked about it. It was two days before Christmas and now it's over.
me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and a half and for the past 2 months he has been acting really strange and distant and is always making me feel bad and will make up excuses to not see me and when we do see each other all he does is go to sleep and now his friend told me that he had cheated on me with his best friends girlfriend and that he says thing like i miss you and stuff and i dont know who to believe because he says he loves me and begs for me to believe him but then he says okay fine i dont want to be with you because you dont trust me and always turns everything back on me and i dont know what to do.
I met my boyfriend 2 and 1/2 years ago, it was love at first sight. Recently I have had suspicions that he is cheating on me or has before. He never is on time coming home, always has excuses and claims I tell him things about myself that arn't even true, what I mean by that are my likes and dislikes. We never argue or fight but he often tells me he needs to be left alone. Whenever I bring up cheating he tells me it hurts him to talk about it and he will not discuss it. We are planning on getting married soon and having children, however I don't want to continue this relationship if he has or is cheating on me. My mom always tells me once a cheater always a cheater, I'm thinking about putting him through a lie detector test. Some may agree or disagree, I just need to know the truth for myself.
My boyfriend of 2 years has just gone on a ski trip on new years eve. The person he is gone with is another girl of age 28. My boyfriend is 22.He clams that they are just good friends. I have never met this girl i have only heard one or two stories about her. My boyfriends family have met with her before and keep telling me i have nothing to worry about, But my friends and some of his friends think that he is making a fool out of me. He promised that he would not cheat and that he loves only me, But how can i trust him on this? I just found out tonight when i spoke to him that they are sharing a room together. (he said they have separate beds) My boyfriend has never being with any other girl before i was his first. He has hurt me deeply by going on this ski trip. My Christmas and new years have being ruined because of this and what makes matters worst he keeps on comparing me to this girl. I need some honest advice. Am i a fool for trying to trust him on this or does anyone out there think that this could be all innocent?
my last man well i caught him cheating on me with my best friend but now im dating this man i love so much and im just happy hes out of my life i was so mad when i saw him on my bed having sex with my best friend.

Two years ago I moved in with a man. He led me to believe he was a Christian and that we would be married soon. He was great for the first six months, very similar to our courting period, but soon lost interest. He allows me to pay some of his bills, buy gifts for his kids and make modifications to his home. He asks that I buy groceries for three teens and an adult. I love him dearly but feel humiliated because I have had all the symptoms of a cheating partner. I should not have moved in but now I have sold my home and have a short term government contract job which is nearing an end. I have started looking for another home but now my 16 year old daughter is stable in her school and has made many friends. This man has made me feel as though I am crazy for asking where his whereabouts are when he leaves work early, doesn't arrive to work until late or doesn't come home when he knows I have errands. Worse yet, I left one night, came back to get my checkbook and he had another woman wrapped around him. I was in shock - most women would have clapped, made noise, or gone crazy on the two - - I walked in shock and have never confronted him. No, I am not crazy, but wish there could have been some legal way to inform me of his infidelity.

My boyfriend told me. he loved me i was the only one for him ect. turns out he was picking up women from online and sleeping with them he slept with eight different women our first year together and gave me a genital warts a std. i was totally destroyed. we broke up but now 4 years later we are seeing each other again. i believe people can change and deserve to forgiven case by case depending one the situation. i am writing this because i want people to know that you should trust your instinct if something doesn't feel right event if you have no proof. the odds are you are right never violate a gut feeling or "hunch" and the only way to free yourself from the pain is to realize that what the cheater did has nothing to with you being not good enough it has to do with the other persons selfish and deceitful ways. one more thing if you do decided to forgive and reconcile make sure you truly have let go of resentment for the other person caring that pain around is pointless if you are going to love someone don't be afraid to be vulnerable. but always keep your eyes open follow your instinct.

I met a younger man....we have been together for over a year.I went to Europe for school and while i was gone..he had his X-girl stay in the apartment where we live...Someone is always calling and hanging up and some of my stuff has been missing..HE asked me to marry him..and then ask if i would marry his brother to bring him here from another country..NO WAY!! We would have the same last name..I am out of here...low life!!

I have just ended a 4 month relationship... found out he was seeing 2 other women that I know about. Always wondering why his phone was on silent, or he had to cancel dates. I asked him about his behaviour, but he always had a story or would talk me round. But after several weeks my instincts and intuition made me delve deeper. I checked his message phone, and sure enough.. 2 different women had left messages of a personal nature. So I followed him the next night and he was at this womans house. I called him out and yes found out he was cheating on me. Also called the other woman, who's number I took from his phone.. she had been dating him a year. This guy was busted by me, and I dumped him big time, but I know he will go out and lie and cheat again. I'm so angry at his disregard for my feelings, even when I had asked him point blank what was going on.. I would have rather him dumped me! But I live and learn and know I will always trust my instincts... if he is inaccessible, secretive with his phone... thats the biggest clue. he's the loser, not me.. at least I got out early

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