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My fiance was cheating on me and we were supposed to go and live with my mother when i turned 18 and then i found out on New year's Eve that he was cheating on me because the girl that he was supposedly cheating on me with called my house and told me that he was cheating on me and that he didn't want nothing to do with me so i don't know what to do.

I'd like to tell my story. I've been seeing this man for 8 years now. We have never lived together but we've been together. I have a 4 year old daughter and am currently 6 months pregnant with his next child. I found out a while ago he was seeing another woman and taking care of her child. I
really mad, angry, hurt and depressed.

My live-in boyfriend and I have been together for 3.5 years. He has been secretly keeping a cell phone and making and receiving phone calls from a number of women while I am at work or out of town. I suspect that he is doing more, but I lack the proof since he conducts most of communications over email. I have no idea what between us is real anymore.

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years all of a sudden decided to move back to his hometown in January. I asked him if it was to get back with his ex-wife, he said no, and that it was for his sons. When he got into town, I found out quickly that he was living with her. In understanding that he had nowhere to go in the beginning, he kept flying me back and forth to see him once a month. After about 3 trips, he supposedly moved out of her house into another house with a roommate. That last time, I had just gotten into town, we were sitting down to eat dinner, his ex-wife shows up at the door banging on it and the windows yelling at him asking if "she knew about me", "you're never going to see your sons again", and something about his "infidelity". I asked what was going on and all he could say was that she's psycho and that "she wants something she can't have". Then I asked him why she would accuse him of infidelity when he wasn't sleeping with her? He says she's disillusioned. After I flew back here, I hadn't heard from him in 2 days, so I decide to call him at work and found out he had left work the day before and hadn't shown up. Worse yet, his ex-wife was the one to pick him up. I call his roommate and he tells me that my boyfriend hadn't been around for a couple of days and that he'd bet money that he's over his ex-wife's. So, I call his ex-wife's house just to see if she at least would tell me what's going on. To my surprise, she refused to say anything to me! She will not admit to it either! So, I'm left devastated and still not knowing what the story is.

never trust your boyfriend even if he is 20 years older than you. never trust him when he says he is annoyed with the nasal toned woman who is obviously in an unhappy marriage. never believe him when he says he loves you, and then you go to visit your family and find out he walked all over town with her knowing you were away. thanks for wasting my time.

he said she was just a study partner and they had to stay up all night to study. I went to bed. In the morning he was not next to me. Out in the living room i went.. she was on the couch and he was laying next to her on the couch. They had no blankets and seemed really odd after they got up. I told him I was watching what he did and he gave in and told me he had sex with her. What a Rat dog..and he did not use a condom. I dont think it was the first time..what a DOG and she is a ****.

My boyfriend came back from a service trip out of town, and people began to tell me that he and his ex-girlfriend had gotten really "cozy". So I asked him about it, and he said "Her DOG died while she was away.", all smugly like that's supposed to make me feel just awful!! And so naturally, he had to sleep with her, I mean she had the dog since she was four! (gag)

Well, to make a long story short, I too am a victim to a chatcheater. Who I say is in denial. My boyfriend of 7 years who is the father of our 4 year old son goes bowling at Gamestorm. Where he met his first internet affair. I only discovered this when I went online after him and he got im by a woman whose opening line was good morning my love, i love u. I was crushed. He tried to tell me it was nothing he said he did not know who she is but I know better. We had a really big fight to the point where I asked him to leave. We have since made up and he said they are no longer iming each other. Although he still has other woman iming him and he says they are his friends. They all bowl together and such. He knows all about them and he trys to tell me what they talk about but he does not like it if I am looking over his shoulder cause it makes him feel as if I don't trust him. How is that one? Who do you think is the victim in this situation? I think not him. Unfortunately he feels it is the other way around. He persists on telling me that if I won't accept him having these bowling friends on line that I have no trust in him and it won't work for our relationship. He does not understand that it hurts me that he is talking to these women all the time and that he gets angry at me if I don't get off of the computer when he wants to go on for his tournaments or if he has to talk to one of his friends that he had told he would im them at a certain time. If he misses that time he says I just know how to f.... everything up for him and that I just can't stand to see him happy. I don't get it. I am damn if I do and damn if I don't. He has caused me to believe that if our relationship doesn't last it will be because of me and having no trust in him. I find that so unfair. I would not mind so much if he showed me or let me talk to them too but he insists that they are his friends and I will only make trouble. He hasn't even told them he and I live together for that matter he tells them that he is single. How are you going to act. I am told to dump him, I can find someone better. I am told he is no good, I can find someone who will appreciate me. I just don't know what to think anymore. On the outside I act as though I am a happy camper and that there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. He thinks I accept this, but I really don't. I try to avoid any fights with him so I portray to be a gracious partner and act trusting towards him. My guts don't feel the same way. This is a real bummer and I can relate to you all on this infidelity cyber crap. I just can't go figure anymore. Helpless with a partner in denial!

I've been going out with this guy and accepted the his proposal for marriage. We have 2 children and were living a happy life, until he met a woman in the internet. Soon my kids told me that while I was at work, he would have someone "female" over and they would go to our room and locked the door behind them. Gods!! ,being a computer whiz, I started checking out his emails and the stuff he saves and downloads in the Internet. My husband is now doing a little "self-rehabilitation" but I still find unpleasant things in the computer.
Where did it begin, first it was just "friends" then there was late night chats meetings scheduled and when he was caught it was "It never would have happened if you paid more attention to me". I have gone from guilt to anger to frustration and back to "why me?" Why do men do this ?
I accidentally found a very graphic e-mail from my boyfriend's cyber lover. He says he has never met any of the women (?) he has "cybered" with since he has been with me. Does that make the emotional infidelity any better? He also says that I am the perfect one for him and he is not lacking in any attention sexually or otherwise. I don't know why I am so shocked since I did meet him in chat room personals, and we did have cyber sex before meeting. Still I feel completely bewildered and betrayed. We were planning a wonderful life together and I was actually starting to believe in "happily ever after". Apparently we just have different ways of showing love, loyalty and respect. I don't want to throw away my chance for happiness with him but know that I cannot live contentedly without trust. How do I regain respect and trust in our relationship? I refuse to act insanely jealous; it takes too much time and effort.
I didn't get into a relationship of ANY sort until just before my 23rd birthday. I hadn't even kissed anyone. Of course, while I was a really late bloomer, I also didn't trust the internet, and had vowed to never meet someone on-line. Wouldn't you know, after four years of on-line student-run chatting, I fell hard for a good on-line friend who had pursued me since the beginning. He was slightly older, and even helped me get into my graduate school. He was always so supportive of my academic career. Chance had us in the same neck of the woods during my time at Grad school. We met, and things happened. A month later, I flew out to him and spent a long weekend with him which involved the loss of my virginity. When I went home, we chatted even more, and he appeared more attentive, though he would tell me, "I honestly didn't think you were really going to leave me." I only went back to a program where I would have my master's in nine months. After four years, another seven months should have been a cake walk. Then, one night online, he said that he couldn't talk long, and that some people were coming over. He typed in several names, and with the appearance of one particular name, my hackles went up. I didn't know her, or anything about her, and it wasn't even as if hers was the only female name on the screen. But I knew. I knew she was trouble. Sure enough, he admitted to me later that he had kissed her- this 17 yr old blonde sorority chick who couldn't carry on a decent intellectual conversation. I gave him a second chance. I told him that we had had a terrific friendship, and that I would open the door to him to have a relationship with her or any other girl he wanted, and we could just go back to being friends. I understood that distance was tough- so I handed him the easy way out on a silver platter. All I wanted was honesty. I deserved that much respect. No questions asked. He told me no, that I was the one he wanted to be with. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, I was chatting with his room mate online, and she said "I'm sorry you two didn't work out, you're such a good person." With an "I beg your pardon?" I found out that he had let his 3 yr old id trapped in a 31 yr old's body get the better of him. I called him right then and there, and broke off everything. I told him that he would listen as I spoke, and that he left me first and not vice versa. That I'm a better person than he could ever hope to become, and there were fantastic things out there for me. He was going to get his. Of course, sure enough, one month later, I found a fabulous Irishman on-line who proposed to me after 6 months, and we've just passed our second anniversary. Sorority chick eventually screwed over the needy, separation-anxiety ridden pedophile and humiliated him. It was beautiful. See, I love being right.

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