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Cheating Boyfriend Stories
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My boyfriend and I were living together for about 4 months before I started to noticed the fast-clicking of the mouse as I walked through the door. When I asked him what he was doing, "oh..nothing" was the reply I got. Soon I got suspicious and started spying, I tipped-toed into our room so I could take a quick look over his shoulder before he noticed me and it was always porn sites. One day I logged onto his computer, found his password and as soon as I logged in a bunch of emails were available from ladies he had been chatting with - A few even sent him her phone number. HAHA, one day I called one of the ladies, left a message that my boyfriend wanted to talk to her and to call him back..then I went to work. I confronted him about this but he always had nothing to say. Over the next 3 months this happened 3 times with no communication about the problem so, I moved out. 2 years later I thought he might have matured and we tried again. One month ago I got on his computer again, due to lack of trust, and found pictures that he had saved and cookies that revealed his lack of honesty. I didn't even need to log in to the internet to know what was going on. Needless to say this broke us up again and although I don't think it will work..we are going to counseling. I can't believe how popular virtual cheating is
My fiancé and I have only been together for 6 months and already our sex life seems to be on the downhill slide. I'm 23 and have 2 kids, whose father I left after I realised the depth of my feelings for my new partner (then just a friend). Anyway, our sex life was fantastic, we spent practically all our time in bed, talking, cuddling and making love(at least 3 times a day). He always made me feel so sexy and was constantly telling and showing me how much I turned him on, it was heaven. Then we bought a computer...Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against porn (I even indulge, myself, when my partner is not around and I'm horny). But all of a sudden, instead of coming to bed with me, he began spending all night looking at porn and by all night I mean 10pm till 5am, then he'd stagger to bed and sleep till lunchtime , then go to work. Occasionally he'd wake me up to have sex, but most of the time he couldn’t keep it up anyway. After a couple of weeks I began pretending to fall asleep on the couch so I could see what it was that turned him on so much, thinking that I could incorporate it into our sex life and solve the problem. I thought it was a great idea, I mean, he was obviously getting something from porn that he wasn’t getting from me, so if I could provide what he wanted then our sex life could go back to normal. One night I really did fall asleep and I woke to the sound of my boyfriend masturbating in front of the computer. Finally, I thought, now I can find out what really turns him on. I looked at the screen and felt like the world was ending. He was looking at shemale porn. Not just out of curiosity. No, my boyfriend was masturbating over pictures of females with penises. So much for something I could do in the bedroom. I made waking up noises and he started clicking like mad to get rid of all the popups. And I went to the bathroom and vomited, I felt like I was having a heart attack. So I guess the moral of the story is : DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE DOES ON THE NET???
Its nice to know I am not the only one this has happened to. 2years ago my boyfriend found someone on the internet, playing cards, they talked every night, he did not come to bed til very late at night, He gave her our phone number and told her of good times to call, then we split up and he went off to meet her. they moved in together and lived together for 3 months then he told her he needed to repair his family. She was from Canada so she was not even suppose to be living in the United States or working here. After he came back to repair us she would not go away. I would go on the computer on his user id to see how long it would take for her to see he was on and send a msg to him. It was never more then a minute, most times as soon as it appeared he was logged on there she was. She continued to call his friends and try to have phone contact with him. Still to this day she just sits by her computer and is just waiting for him to contact her again. this was a nightmare. So i understand what all of you are going through.
i have a boyfriend of 3 yrs , lived together 2 yrs, and things were going downhill. i announced during an argument i was moving out. we agreed to break up, and i was staying w/ a friend. well, few days later (2 days before my birthday) i went to my old apt. at 3am to "talk" (i just missed him) and there was a naked girl in MY bed w/ him. i had awakened them and she scrambled out the front door. he was sorry and said they did not have sex. he was calling me days afterwards apologetic. i took him back. a week later we were meeting for a drink. i walk in and he is sitting w/ the same girl! i sat right down. he says he accidentally ran into her there. 2 wks later i am developing MY roll of film and she is in a picture on MY couch holding MY cat. the picture was dated 12/11, on my birthday. he told me he had not seen her since 12/9. now i am depressed, angry, insecure, and suspicious. how do i cope? i still love the bastard.
Well, this really isn't a cheating story, however, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years now and I really love him - but - I have a hard time accepting his sexual past. He cheated on both of his wives and in both relationships it was ok to have multiple sex partners (wife's cousin, etc.) this really bothers me. He has slept with his friend's girlfriends and other married women and had threesomes with both of his wives. He recently asked me to have a threesome (which I have never done) and it made me very uncomfortable. The real question is - will he ever quit or is it something that he will always want?
Oh I was in for a shock. For a year and three months I had been what I thought was a good relationship with a future. It was with a guy from a country in the Far East who had lived here for about three years. We got along well and grew very close. I became quite attached to him and was really in love. He claimed to love me and that he wanted no one else and that he wanted to marry me when I got out of college. And he said all of that crap during the entire relationship. Well a few weeks ago he says he has to go back to his home country to help out with a family problem and a sick mother. Oh can he lie well!! I of course trusted him and believed him. A few days after his departure I was told by three credible mutual friends of ours that he went to get married!!!!!!I am so hurt, angry, shocked, just a wreck but I am doing the best possible. I have supportive friends who really care about me who are helping me through this. But the pain from this is overwhelming at times and since I found out six days ago I have been doing all I can to cope. I never thought something like that would happen to me. He lied about many things but after hearing that hes getting married to an old girlfriend- nothing else I have recently found out has shocked me. How could he do that to me!? Turns out he is not the person I thought he was but is a sly, conniving, lying cheater. I feel like he took a huge chunk of my heart and crushed it into thousands of pieces, like I gave so much of myself away to someone who is really a stranger to me. I hope the cycle of life who send vengeance upon him and make him miserable for what he did!!!
He was only calling his ex-girlfriend to find out what he did wrong in their relationship, so he could figure out what he was doing wrong in ours. They are just friends. (Yeah, right and I am suppose to be stupid). He is so full of bull-shit. He doesn't even realize what he had, but he ain't got it (my heart) no more.
I had bought a computer to help me plan my wedding. I had it installed and set up at my fiance's house since I spent majority of my time there anyway. Months before our wedding, he started acting distant and not wanting to participate in anything. He had stopped playing basketball with his friends, wouldn't answer the phone and was making up excuses for everything. He had told me that he had met and started having conversations on a regular basis with this 40 something mother of two over the internet. It didn't bother me at first, I trusted him. Then...three months before the wedding, I found out that my computer was keeping a backup of all their conversations in ICQ and I read then printed them all. Coincidentally, that same night, he had gone out to dinner with his coworkers and I was on the computer. I logged on as him and she found me on line and started chatting with me. I mentioned to her several times that it was me and not him, but if she wanted to chat with me I was okay with it. So for a good half hour or so we chatted, then my fiancé came home. I told him that I logged on as him and what was going on and he was okay with it. When he got on the computer and he told her that it was me that she was chatting with, she started accusing me of using her in finding out what was going on between them. He then choose to believe her and got mad at me. I told him that if he choose to believe her over me, then we did not need to be getting married. I told him about the conversations that I found, he denied it, I then showed him the printout. I told him he now had to explain to his family why I called off the wedding and left. I wouldn't talk to him for a week, I kept what had happened to myself. He then showed up at my work and begged me to talk to him. We ended up meeting at his place after work. I had demands...he had to stop chatting with her, emailing her and anything else. If I caught him doing this again after we got married, I will take everything I brought into the marriage plus his. Its been five years and two kids later, he rarely uses the computer for anything else but to buy things and to check his email. I've brought a lot of things into this marriage as well as worked hard everyday on it. Ever since this, my husband wouldn't think about it. He's gotten afraid, not of me, but of the risk and what he would lose besides just a computer. I, myself am a strong female. I am not afraid of my husband or to leave him of infidelity. I've told him...if you could do it, so could I.
I think the internet is a fabulous thing but there is a flip side to every coin. My fiance and I were having relationship problems and had gone to couples counseling. The counselor told me I had to make more women friends and have activities outside the relationship. While my fiance slept in our bed recovering from surgery, I went online to a popular site's personal section, clicking "women seeking women". In my naivete I thought there would be others posted who merely were looking for new friends. That is NOT what I found! On the very first page that loaded I found an ad posted by my fiance looking for another woman to bring into our bed. The headline was "Surprise My Wife". Boy, was I sure surprised! I arranged for a friend to come over at 8 a.m. and we loaded all his belongings into my van and literally dumped him in a snow bank in front of his friends' house. Well, the doctors said to ice the wound! I've made this story sound lighthearted but the scars to my psyche may never fully heal. The man I loved tried to give me away to strangers for sex. I feel incredibly lucky that there was a guardian angel looking for out me that day - I completely accidentally discovered what my fiance had planned for me and was able to get him out of the house and out of my life. I will never understand how he could even dream the plan up much less attempt to execute it. I recently met a man via the internet and we progressed to talking on the phone. I used all kinds of resources to "check up" on him and discovered he was a con artist. I'm glad there is a site dedicated to helping people find out the truth of what's going on in cyberspace - our time here is NOT cyberlife!
My story is definitely a tragedy. To begin I am 22 and 8 months pregnant. I was with my baby's father for five years and everything was not so easy. We were engaged last xmas and had planned to be married in October of this year. He recently cheated on me and not only did he cheat he had also given me an std and that is how I had found out, I had found out at five months pregnant. Out of all the years of being with him other females were never an issue but the fact that I did not get along with his family was, it was the biggest issue. They are a bunch of opportunists and only cared about what they could get off of the next person and I was included and when I finally woke up and saw them for who they were I no longer liked them. They would purposely have females around him that liked him and would encourage him to do things while I was pregnant. The whole thing is why did he wait until I had no choice in the matter of keeping his child. I am a senior in college, I was there for his family there for him when he had completely nothing. I helped him to graduate from school, get a good job and encouraged him to go to college. My family loved him like he was part and never got into our problems. I am a good woman, I was faithful for the entire time, I loved him 100% and I was ready to be a good wife and mother to his baby. Now we are having a boy and now my son will not have a real chance of having real family and its like I hate him and I hate myself because I could of been having my first born with someone who truly loved me and cared for my well being. He says that he loves me but how can someone love you and betray you so coldly and the fact that he would have unprotected sex with another female or females and come back home to me is the worse feeling in the world. I truly feel like the world is against me and I did nothing to deserve what he has done.
My boyfriend of 8 good years was always on the internet looking just at porn first. Than followed by escort sites and personals. I was in the history checking up on my 16 yr. old daughter, when up popped an e-mail from him to her, an escort {prostitute}. He denied it for almost 3 months. I even caught him trying to make another "appointment" with her even after I found the 1st e-mail, because I figured out his pass word to his e-mails. He said he planted it there for me to find {as if a joke}. He has since admitted he did she her, and we want to work it out. He says he loves me and doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that.
I asked my boyfriend why there were all these women's numbers on his caller ID, and he told me someone got his number and passed it around in a chat room.(Like I would believe that one) I later overheard him talking to one of his internet men friends saying that married women and fat women were the easiest to get into bed. I hope women out there on the internet will soon realize how they are being lied to and used.

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