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My boyfriend of 2 years has been receiving text messages on his works mobile phone of another woman not dirty but not clean either. so I confronted him all upset and angry and he denied it so the next day I go to work with him he leaves his mobile in the car so im sat there thinking ill text her but on his phone so she thinks its him and I know I was been sneaky but ive had the feeling that something has been wrong for awhile. anyway the replies I got was nothing I was prepared for. he told her he was single and more, so I confront him again, “I want the truth, if you want to leave or if your not happy here tell me”. But once again he said he hasn't done nothing wrong. there is nothing going on. she is trying to make trouble between us he said. but what gets me why would she. she don't know me she didn't even know he was with someone so I did my homework I know her name her mobile number where she works what area she lives in but he will not speak to me about it. all I want is the truth. is it really that hard? I want to phone her but what do I say if I do speak to her? He will only say she is lying. I want to believe him but I know deep down he is lying. I just want to hear it from him and how do I do that? Then we can get on with our lives apart cause like they say leopards never change their spots
My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and I live together. We had always shared everything and there was never any "private" things between us. I would go in his e-mail account for whatever reason and he would go in mine without even thinking twice. It was no big deal. Then one day I was online and turned to him (he was sitting on the couch) and told him he had a few new e-mails. I volunteered to open them for him since his bosses schedule shifts via e-mail. He said no and I didn't think anything of it until I noticed he never wanted me to go on his screen name. I was suspicious but told myself to stop being so immature. A few days ago, he signed on and immediately blocked everyone and erased all of his outgoing, incoming and even deleted mail. This was the sure sign. He left for work and I went into his account. He is a very dumb cheater, b/c although he erased everything, he forgot that AOL keeps a log of all the people you send e-mail to in your address book automatically. There were 50 women's screen names in his address book, and 90% of those were transvestites. Later that day, one of them called his cell phone and wrote to him about it later. He swears he would never meet them and he only talked to the transvestites because he thought it was bizarre and funny. I don't know what to do anymore.
My boyfriend and my one of my old high school girlfriends cheated on me....over a lengthy period of time. Both had acted like they were on my side. When my boyfriend did admit he was troubled...he could not reveal why. I became suspicious when he was able to open up to her instead of me and was even more suspicious when they BOTH confided in each other because she was having problems with her own boyfriend as well. I thought my security blanket was that we've been together for 3 years and nothing could break that and even more so, I trusted my best friend whom I've known since my freshman year in high school and had even welcomed into our house when she first moved into town. Her motives became so clear. He finally admitted he did have feelings but vowed to repair our relationship because he was just confused to begin with. My condition was that he stay away from her and I made the conscious decision to erase her from our daily lives (as she used to be). But months from this agreement....I discovered 40 pages of chat logs that were hidden in his computer. I never knew the internet could be such a detrimental thing to relationships. There were grueling and intimate conversations. My blood boiled to see words of betrayal come from her. She had initiated the relationship and was even trying to convince him it would work. She would repeatedly tell him she wasn't happy with her man and would be better off with the two of THEM together. There were times when she would even make an alibi for them to be together. It was heart wrenching to read. I printed out these forsaken pages and threw them in his face. He moved out. I never stopped loving him and we remained amicable for the most part. Eventually after time apart...we've reconciled our relationship and have exiled her from our lives and our social circle....someone who I thought I knew so well. Today we are stronger that we've ever been but my security is so weak and fragile. Sometimes I find myself being a private investigator just to calm my worries. I wonder if I WILL live the rest of our lives together like this...or I even CAN.
I met the "Man of My Dreams" on a online dating service. After being married for 20 years and single for 6, I thought that he was the right one. We dated happily for 2 years, then he started to complain a lot and find fault in everything I did. Even though we did not live together, we shared a lot, both personally and financially. I thought we were headed to the alter. He used to call me "His Joy", "His Essence" and then he wanted to call me his "EX" Well, as it happened, he was communicating with a Russian woman on the internet. He was falling for her, he said that she "Made Me Feel Good", "I Like Her Photo", well my thought is you and about 20 other American men that she is scamming out of money and pulling their heart strings. How sad is that!!! Wake-up. I wasted two years of my life. I am almost 50 years old and want lasting love, not cheating love. My first husband cheated on me for most of our marriage, what’s up with this? Can't people be truthful, I opened up my heart and my life to another CHEATER!!!
A little over a year ago I decided to check my boyfriends messages at work. And to my surprise one of the messages was from a woman crying that she only wanted to spend lunch with him...She also mentioned that she had got a room and gave the # to the motel and the room #...So I called her and asked her who she was...I told her that I was his girlfriend and she said that he did not have one...She told me that she had been sleeping with him for the past 2 years. I was so hurt and started remembering times that he would not answer his phone or wouldn't call...I confronted him about it and he swore on his children’s lives that he never had sex with this woman...It turns out that she was a thief with a long criminal record who knew very specific things about my boyfriend...He cheated on his last 2 wives but I chose to stay with him because I want to believe that this is not true...I am a single mother of 2 children....None of which belong to him...I have a good job, a great apartment, and wonderful friends...I just cannot seem to let this man go...He is 38 years old and still lives with his mom and dad when he is not here...And contributes nothing to this household...I feel unworthy...I feel if I let him go I will be alone for the rest of my life
I came home one day to find my boyfriend ushering me upstairs. I looked out the bedroom window and to my horror my best mate was running down the garden path half naked. when i confronted him he said she was having a shower because her water was knocked off and she ran because i would have thought it was suspicious. i slang him out and surprise surprise 2 months later they are officially an item.
I have just ended a 4 month relationship... found out he was seeing 2 other women that I know about. Always wondering why his phone was on silent, or he had to cancel dates. I asked him about his behaviour, but he always had a story or would talk me round. But after several weeks my instincts and intuition made me delve deeper. I checked his message phone, and sure enough.. 2 different women had left messages of a personal nature. So I followed him the next night and he was at this woman’s house. I called him out and yes found out he was cheating on me. Also called the other woman, who's number I took from his phone.. she had been dating him a year. This guy was busted by me, and I dumped him big time, but I know he will go out and lie and cheat again. I'm so angry at his disregard for my feelings, even when I had asked him point blank what was going on.. I would have rather him dumped me! But I live and learn and know I will always trust my instincts... if he is inaccessible, secretive with his phone... that’s the biggest clue. he's the loser, not me.. at least I got out early
GO TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM >>> I was totally in love with my boyfriend and trusted him whole-heatedly, but after a few months he became less concerned and more withdrawn. Once we were supposed to spend the day together and he got a phone call to pick up a cousin. A week later, i found out from a mutual friend that his friend who was sitting right behind me in the car, jus got his phone to ring while he acted like he was on the phone with some1 else. I remember how he told me how he was so looking forward to spending the day with me and that he was so sorry and went on to promise he'd make time for me the next day. After much pondering whether if it were just me, a mutual friend let me in on his scandal. After lying to me, he picked her up and well you know the rest. I confronted him subtly, not letting on what i knew, and he fully denied everything, saying that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I knew i couldn't go far with him so i decided to go to the root of the problem, i confronted HER, and she was so terrified, cos she had a boyfriend and she knew that my guy had a girlfriend and shakingly confessed all. I then confronted the loser himself and it was over. The worst part of it all was the fact that he managed to worm his way back into my life, i know that its my fault for taking him back, but i do love him. Only now, i don't think that i'll ever trust him or any other man for the rest of my life. The relationship is still going on, but its nothing special without the lost trust.
My boyfriend told me he loved me and that i was the only one for him ect. turns out he was picking up women from online and sleeping with them he slept with eight different women our first year together and gave me a genital warts std. i was totally destroyed. we broke up but now 4 years later we are seeing each other again. i believe people can change and deserve to forgiven case by case depending one the situation. i am writing this because i want people to know that you should trust your instinct. if something doesn't feel right event if you have no proof. the odds are you are right. never violate a gut feeling or "hunch" and the only way to free yourself from the pain is to realize that what the cheater did has nothing to with you being not good enough it has to do with the other persons selfish and deceitful ways. one more thing if you do decided to forgive and reconcile make sure you truly have let go of resentment for the other person caring that pain around is pointless if you are going to love someone don't be afraid to be vulnerable. but always keep your eyes open follow your instinct.
My ex lover is going out with my best friend now. I cannot stand them two going out because I know exactly what he is going to do to her when they break up! She will not listen to me because of course he treats her good until the next fight they get into.. and then he will treat her bad! She is happy with him right now.. but when they get broken up she will be MISERABLE! I try to tell her all the time that he will tell her different stories then what he tells everyone else about her and about other people! I really just want her to know that he is going to make her life MISERABLE when they break up! I just don’t want to see her like that! I hope she learns her lesson!
My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years all of a sudden decided to move back to his hometown in January. I asked him if it was to get back with his ex-wife, he said no, and that it was for his sons. When he got into town, I found out quickly that he was living with her. In understanding that he had nowhere to go in the beginning, he kept flying me back and forth to see him once a month. After about 3 trips, he supposedly moved out of her house into another house with a roommate. That last time, I had just gotten into town, we were sitting down to eat dinner, his ex-wife shows up at the door banging on it and the windows yelling at him asking if "she knew about me", "you're never going to see your sons again", and something about his "infidelity". I asked what was going on and all he could say was that she's psycho and that "she wants something she can't have". Then I asked him why she would accuse him of infidelity when he wasn't sleeping with her? He says she's disillusioned. After I flew back here, I hadn't heard from him in 2 days, so I decide to call him at work and found out he had left work the day before and hadn't shown up. Worse yet, his ex-wife was the one to pick him up. I call his roommate and he tells me that my boyfriend hadn't been around for a couple of days and that he'd bet money that he's over his ex-wife's. So, I call his ex-wife's house just to see if she at least would tell me what's going on. To my surprise, she refused to say anything to me! She will not admit to it either! So, I'm left devastated and still not knowing what the story is.
I was in a relationship for three years. I had become dependent on my boyfriend, and had given him everything a man could ask for. We were actually thinking about getting married after I finished school. He used to talk to or email girls that we both knew. I would always find out by checking his cell phone, not on the recent call list, but on the history of calls. I would also check all his deleted messages. He always denied that something was going on. He always told me that he just needed somebody to talk to. The one thing I learned from this relationship is to always trust your instincts, even when you don't have complete truth. And I always believe that no matter how much a person tries to hide the truth, the truth will come out. And you don't have to live your life in a lie. You have choices, and are entitled to a relationship where trust is a cornerstone.

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