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Cheating Boyfriend Stories
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I've lived with my significant other for nearly 2 years and love him very much. I thought he loved me. But last week I found more than 50 calls to escort services on our cell bill and was stunned. When I confronted him, he denied making any of the calls and said his phone must've been cloned. He even went as far as to suggest his ex-wife may have done it. I'm thinking 'not'. I'm thinking that regardless of how much I love this man, I'm being used, made a fool of, lied to. I'm also risking my health staying with him. I wish I understood why he's turning to this lifestyle. I've denied him nothing (and I do mean nothing) if anything, I've given him more than he's ever given me, in every area of our life. I feel so sad and used and hurt. And yet, I still love him. I'm not looking for answers, I don't think there are any. I just wanted to share my story.
My boyfriend and I have a one year old baby and we were supposed to get married. He had to move to another country to pursue his medical career with hopes of bringing us someday to live with him. I know he loves my son so much and even though I had lingering doubts that he might fool around on the Internet, i didn't let this be known to him. I sent him text messages everyday and sent him emails as often as everyday, as much as I can. I missed him so much and God knows how much I love him. This is all even tough I wasnt so sure about how he feels for me. Although he does say he loves me, words are never enough. One day we were set to talk at a comfortable time between us, when I was sent a message, through this "friendship service" thing, his ex girlfriend, who i think he is still deeply in love and in lust with, wrote to me saying i should tell my boyfriend to stop messaging her. I was shocked that this occurred. That happened almost two months ago. I still cry whenever I think about it. Now i wonder if I should marry him. He told me he just sent a "hi" message. But the fact that they're working in the same country makes me wonder if he wanted to meet up with her. I know i cannot live with this if it happened again.
We have been together for almost 4 years now. I noticed a change in his sexual appetite around 6 months, more infrequency. The cue was when I went to a catering job and got lost on the road and called him because he was so good at directions. The line was busy because he was on the internet. The next day I was typing in a search and a dating site popped up. i joined for the free membership and found his profile looking for discreet affairs. also weird charges on his cell phone bill, on his credit card bills, and the frequent checking of e-mail and voice mail. I confronted him and he said he would stop. It happened again, and again, next time on yahoo. profile updated. finally, to make a long story short, 2 weeks ago I got up early on a sunday , usually I sleep in. I walked into the living room and there he was on the computer masturbating. I just turned around, in denial, dismissing it as an isolated incident. Well, I made a point to get up very early the following week. The same thing, before work, every morning. On the third day, I made a lot of noise upon waking and he fumbled around and left for work. Then I got to investigate the hard drive. He didn't have time to clean it up. I found a woman's e-mail address, wrote to her and flamed her. since we both have yahoo accounts, her e-mail popped up when I typed in the first letter in the address bar. Also I found scores of photo links and anon messages he replied to all with clandestine meetings. He tried to deny it, but the hard drive doesn't lie. Now he cries that I don't trust him. Well????? Duh..6 times? How stupid am I? Here's the problem: 2 people with low self esteem. Him and his sex addiction and me putting up with it! So in the meantime, I have declared this relationship open. I'm sure this is the kiss of death, but I simply cannot trust him anymore. When I go out to play, I will tell him, not sneak around. And when I ask him why?? "We don't go to clubs like we used to ". Yeah, and I don't hike like I used to or go to art museums because he isn't interested. It's all about him. End of story
I have been dating my boyfriend for going on 3 years and we have a 2 1/2 yr old son together. A month after my son was born, he went over to one of my family friends house and hit on her. Then a few months after that he called my best friend and asked her out for a drink. He went into my cell phone and got her number. I told him that that wasn't cool and never to do it again...he swore on his father's grave and said he was sorry and it was stupid and it would never happen again. Guess what? It happened again!!
My boyfriend lived with me for 6 months. he was not working and was supposed to be looking for a job. we both chat and have a lot of friends that chat. out computers were on the same desk and we sat beside each other talking to everybody. but eventually he started telling me he needed time to himself, he got aggravated if i was on my computer, started chatting at night while i was in bed. if i got up, he would minimize everything. finally one night he actually went to sleep early and i couldnít sleep. so i got on his computer. i knew his password to his main screen name but i also knew he had made up other names and he had different passwords on them. but he was stupid enough to do some chatting in his main name. and i found them. he had even went to meet one of the women he was talking to. and i realized the day he was coming back from meeting her that i had called him and he told me he was out looking for a job. i knew they hadnít actually had sex, she was on her lunch break and he didnít have money for a hotel room. but they kept talking about meeting again when they could. so i told him to pack his stuff and get out. he kept telling me to think about it for a few days, that he loved me, that once he got there to meet the woman he realized it wasnít what he wanted to do and thatís why they didnít have sex that day. but i didnít believe him and after 5 days i finally packed his stuff for him. he stalked me for 5 months, calling me at home and work, emails, im's. i started dating someone else and i am happier now than i have ever been. i am with someone who actually like to spend time with ME, that likes to talk to ME, not some nameless, faceless person on the computer. there are millions of fish in the sea. Donít stay with someone who does this sort of thing because you donít want to be alone. i had to search thru some losers to find a good man but he was worth the search.
About 2 1/2 weeks ago I had what you might call some sort of "intuition" to visit my boyfriend at the office. As I was walking down the hall I thought for a second wouldn't it be something if I caught him doing something behind my back ie. cheating with a girl in the office. I approached the door and opened it. He wasn't in his office. I looked around the corner of the office and found him heating himself up some soup. So I started to walk toward his desk. Out of nowhere he says, "Come here and smell this soup" Now I am thinking you want me to stay away from your desk/computer for some reason. He quickly runs to his computer and minimizes the screen. I asked him what are you hiding. He denied and denied for a least 30 minutes. I told him if you are not hiding anything open the screen. Well he didn't show me the screen but he did admit to chatting dirty talk with some "whore" online. He also admitted to talking with this "whore" on the phone. He even told me she knew all about me and even knew my name. Needless to say our relationship of three years is over. I know I don't have the whole story. I am sure there is a lot more to this online cheating than I'll ever know. I keep remembering him saying "She is nothing, she means nothing to me" "It was nothing". My answer to him is, "I guess our relationship is nothing" I still can't believe some men are willing to give up their relationships with real people for some fantasy. What a shame?
I met this guy on the internet and we were going out for 2 years. The whole time, he would verbally abuse me, get angry at me for no reason, and insult my family members, all the while promising to change if I just give him a chance. A few months into the relationship, the police came to my door and took me to the police station, asking me a thousand questions about my online relationship. It turns out that the police had a record of my then-boyfriend using stolen credit cards to buy me and a bunch of other women all over the united states flowers and teddy bears. Guess what? I was stupid enough NOT to believe the police! My ex's excuse was that his friends use his email and they must have been the culprits. I naively believed him hoping that he was not lying. Overtime, he lied to me about some trivial things, but I pushed those incidents to the back of my mind. When i spoke to his sister, I found out that he had lied to me about his entire childhood. So I went into his email, and lo and behold, i found emails from women on his buddy list. I decided to email a woman and pretend to be my ex. Turns out he was cheating on me with her. But guess what... I went back to him again! (Iím writing this and I want to SMACK myself!!) The reason I went back was because she was 16 years old, and I never expected a man in his mid twenties to flirt with such a young girl... YEA RIGHT! the verbal abuse continued. And mind you, i never met the guy. I would try to meet him and he always had some excuse. Once he said his mother fainted, another time he said that the immigration laws do not allow people under the age of 24 to travel to canada without their parent's permission!! So I waited and waited for 2 years... his anger and verbal abuse mostly subsided and I took this as a sign that he was a changed man. I thought everything was going great until I started thinking about the past. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that he was a coldhearted cheater. I went into his email account(the password was my name.. how could he cheat, right?) I found an email with a link to some forum. It seemed innocuous enough. The password for that forum was also my name so I didnít think Iíd find anything there but i looked anyway. I checked his message box and found letters he had sent to women, flirting with them right behind my back. As soon as I saw this, I started shaking, but you know what? I wasnít surprised and I was so happy that I found those letters! I emailed him right away, copied and pasted the messages he had sent onto a new email, and sent the messages to him with a one line sentence saying "Hey, do these look familiar? Goodbye forever, lowlife". This was three days ago. One thing i must say is that I never really realized how terrible the relationship was and just how badly I was being duped. As I am writing this story, I realize that I was a complete fool, blinded by a false reality that I created. Thank GOD I had this experience, Iíve learned so much and I know Ill never take bull from another person as long as I live. An obstacle is a lesson in disguise.
My boyfriend is always on line, he tells me that he doesn't cheat on line, but i feel he does, lately it seems like he would rather be one line than with me. a girl recently got my e-mail and e-mailed me that she has been writing him for months. he got busted and now he says it is nothing. he never told her he was engaged to me. i never expected this out of him, he claims he loves me and it meant nothing. it is hard to believe that it all happen. it is easy for someone to cheat on line today
3 years ago, my boyfriend ( we were living together) stayed up for hours on the computer, but swore he was just playing video games. I sent him an email and an IM from work under a new screen name, and fake picture...and caught him in the act. Of course he swore he was NOT capable of cheating.....he was so IN LOVE with me. Ha! he's been out of my house for over 2 years now...thank God. I have been sent his profile.......and he lives looking for his next victim to steal money from and run up her credit cards....BE CAREFUL, women......I didn't think I was stupid enough to fall for that kind of CON, EITHER! But I learned the hard way! WATCH OUT! he's on the prowl again
My boyfriend of 8 good years was always on the internet looking just at porn first. Than followed by escort sites and personals. I was in the history checking up on my 16 yr. old daughter, when up popped an e-mail from him to her, an escort {prostitute}. He denied it for almost 3 months. I even caught him trying to make another "appointment" with her even after I found the 1st e-mail, because I figured out his pass word to his e-mails. He said he planted it there for me to find{as if a joke}. He has since admitted he did she her, and we want to work it out. He says he loves me and doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that.
I have been with my boyfriend for a year, one night he went out to a bar and ran into his ex-wife, whom he says he despises. she told him if he wanted to get together for sex call her, she's an evil and spiteful person. well she left the bar, he called her ,they met on a back road, had sex in her car. he came home and told me. says he loves me but hates her. thatís a hard one to stomach. i don't want him to touch me and i have that vision of them in my head. i want revenge, but i don't know how to be like that. he told me he will quit drinking, another problem with him. i want the hurt and the vision to go away and i feel the only way to do that is get rid of him. i have 0 tolerance for cheating ,i love me more than i love anyone, when it comes to cheating, diseases etc. he wants another chance, i do love him, but i'm not a forgiving person. i'm not sure what i'm going to do yet, but it will benefit me, not him.
Well lets see I met my current bf/finace on yahoo pool. It first started out like a friendship then it got to more til we started dating. He started to call me every night and we would talk for hours it was so perfect. Until he spent a lot of time talking with other people who he said were "friends" I didnt believe him though. I went into his email to find out that he was cheating on me. Oh by the way it was a long distance relationship and we have met also. Anyways after I confronted him about it he confessed and well I took him back only after he went to a sex addict group and one for lying also.(or so he told me he probably didnt even go)Well we have been together for a year and 8 months now. But of course now he is cheating on me again. I was with my friend and I convinced her to sign up on one of those dating web sites and we started looking for guys and none the less we found the oh so perfect guy my boyfriend!!! He said all these things about hows hes loyal and honest and giving out his number and everything. Then he also has the nerve to put that "his last gf left him with a broken heart and now hes ready to put it back together and give it to someone new" you can imagine how I felt.J ust to let everyone know hes 18 and hes online like all the time. He comes off so nice and sweet but its all an act. I still havent told him about me knowing hes cheating yet cause im angry and dont want to just yell and not get my point across.

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