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True Stories of Cheating Girlfriends
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I just found out a few months ago that my fiance of two years cheated on me with her ex boyfriend. It went on for 5 months. I have tried to give her a second chance, because i want to believe in her and trust her. Since then i have tried to get her to stop lying top me, that’s all i asked. I have found out now that she has still been lying to me about some things. She has continued to hide them from me. I have a 6 yr old daughter from a prior marriage, my fiance and her are very close. I think this one reason that i have held on and am still holding on to our relationship. I dont feel the same towards my fiance, actually i took the ring back and called off the marriage. We live together, this makes everything very hard. I havent been able to work and haven’t been sleeping very well either. I just wish it never happened, i think im going to leave her when the money is right. IM LOST!!!! I hate this crap.
When it comes down to it I know I'm still young and maybe I didn't go through anything as rough as the rest of you but I thank the people who created this website because I believe that is a great way to get things off my chest. I have been dating this girl for over a year and a half now. I have never felt this strong for anyone. We got along great. But about 4 and a half months ago she transferred to a different college that I had planned on going to in the beginning of January. We lived 148.3 miles away from each other and I drove up there as often as I could. We talked every night. Things began to get a little ruff. I tried to let her know how much I cared. We even openly discussed marriage. And as a result gave each other our own virginity. On my birthday I woke up after a horrible dream half crying because I had imagined that she had slept with somebody else. I called her at 6:30 am just to hear her voice and have her tell me I was the only one she had been with even after telling her about my dream. One hour later she called me back crying and said she was driving down here because she had something to tell me that she couldn't tell me over the phone. I immediately said, "You slept with somebody else didn't you?" She gave no response and I knew it was true. On my birthday, while I was dreaming, she had sex with another man. We are currently still trying to see if we can work things out while I decide if I can go on with this. I just want to thank the creators of this website because tonight I can't sleep and you have allowed me to clear my head and provided an excellent support system. Thank you.
My ex-fiancée cheated on me, when we first got together we both decided to move out of our current separate residence and into a place together, once we moved together our sex life changed ,she was less horny and always not in the mood, or just indifferent to my advances, when we did have sex it was long, and lasting but she said I did not show enough passion, anyway one day we were coming from a nite on the town and I noticed she would not check her phone messages on her answering machine, even after I asked why aren't you checking your messages? her reply would be I'll check it later...but as soon as I went out the room she would always check her messages, so one day I decided since we have separate phones I would listen to a message when she was not around ,providing someone left one for her ...we'll one day I did listen to a message ,and it was this car salesman that recently sold her a car, saying when can we get together? I did not say anything to her I wanted her to hang herself...two weeks later I was looking for something in the Bathroom, and found a Love letter in a drawer addressed to another man..she wrote :I must stop seeing you, I cant go on with you being my lover, although your special, I must settle down, and its nothing wrong with my Fiancée, its something wrong with me". I was devastated ,I again did not tell her right away ...then, one day I could not take it ..I let her know that I knew what was going on. she admitted to the affair ,but only claimed to be with this guy once. I of course did not believe her ,and now I can recall twice when we had sex ,she would not let me climax inside her, that's because she was having un-protected sex with this guy and would not know who pregnated her ....she would get up each time like she had to use the bathroom and then come back and say she was tired..she beg me for forgiveness, I told her I would in my own time ,not hers forgive her and I left her ..she begged and begged but I did not look shot you get, after that ..forget about it..on to the next relationship....there are too many woman who want a good man like me
Hi I am a young man of 25 and I suspected my girlfriend of cheating. The difficult part was proving it. Why prove it if there's suspicions you ask? Because I loved her and it was my first `real` relationship and I went down the drain and now I am left here in the rain sort of speak. I still don't know if she did it but I received a couple of weird phone calls from here when we where dating and that only made my suspicions more real. I guess I did the right thing by breaking up with her. Whether she was cheating or not the trust was gone and so was the love (excuse me if my English is not all that but I am from Holland )
This is the first time I have seen this site, and I wish at this point that I have never had to go looking for anything like it. Though I am still not 100% positive, I very strongly suspect that my Girlfriend may be cheating on me on-line and over the phone. I can say for sure that they have never met in person....yet. But a few days ago, we were out looking at some houses during this parade of home thing where all the builders showcase their best homes (she work for a local building company). Afterwards, we drove back to her office, and she got in her car, and she supposedly went to get a birthday card, and I was going to pick up some food on the way home. I got food, and got home and waited. 45min later she still was not home, so I called her cell, she said she was out for a drive listening to music. I believed it, because she has always loved to drive and listen to music, I have even gone with her a few times. An hour after I talked to her, she still was not home, so I tried to call her again and got no answer, for two more hours I kept calling and calling, and got no answer. I was so worried that something had happened that I called her mother to see if she had hear anything, and nothing, in fact her mother said she had no talked to her in a few days. About half an hour after I called her mother she pulls into the driveway. I go running out to find out what happened. She said that her phone had died because she had been talking on it all day, she said she called a friend Whom I know, and that she had talked to her mother. I asked when she talked to her mother, because I had just called here and she said she hadn't heard from her. She just looked at me for a while and then said she just went for a drive and that here phone had died and that I was free to check the battery. I let it go at the time, but I knew something was not right about it. It ate at me all night and the next morning while she was at work, since I had the day off, I wrote a very long e-mail to her describing how I felt and that I felt as though she was holding something back. She replied after a while and her reply made a lot of sense, and put me at ease for a little while. I still asked her questions, to try to figure out what is going on, but I tried to make it sound like routine questions. She answered all my questions with true answers, but I fell as though she omitted details. I know she has some online friends, and I have even spoken with one or two of them. she tells me some things that they say, which is kind of throwing me off, but there is one of her friends in particular that I am now very much concerned about. She has been spending more and more time talking to him, both online, which she admits to and on the phone, which I asked her about and she admitted but would not say what they talked about. And last night closed herself in a room with her laptop and her cell phone and she spent over 4 hours in there. I couldn't help eavesdropping a little, but everything I heard was relatively innocent. When I asked here who she had talked to she told me one of her friends, the one I know, and she told me she had been talking to the one I am worried about. When I asked what they were talking about she told me that they were talking about our dog, and that she had sent him pictures of the dog over the internet. This fit with what I had heard, but this was only after the first 2 hours. then she went back in later and got back on the phone, I was not as concerned at that point, so i really didn't listen in. but later I got up to use the restroom, and I heard her talking, and I couldn't make everything out, but it almost sounded like she was talking about things in our relationship. This would not have bothered me but the way she was saying them made it sound like we we not together anymore. So I set up something to copy some of her instant messages. I work with computers, so this was no trouble for me. and in only two days the messages have been somewhat disturbing to me. by themselves they would mean almost nothing, but with everything else I know they sound very much like the conversations between two people who are very interested in each other, in fact some from earlier today have signs of sexual attraction, once she even admits to refering to his member on several occasions and how she thinks he makes her feel sexy. And just now, she said she wanted to go for a drive and maybe get some new cd's, I know what she is going to do and it scare me, I really hope I am wrong about all this and am being paranoid, but I fear she is out there on the phone right now with him. I really love her, and I don't want to lose her, but I think it may already be too late. The im's I have already can pretty much guarantee that he is in love with her, and she certainly is attracted. I really don't know what to do at this point. I don't want to lose her, but I don't know how to confront her either. Writing her probably won't help much either, but I guess it will help me to feel like I am saying something. I just hope I am wrong, we have been together for three years, I moved out here to be with her, we met online ourselves. My parents are coming to visit next week, and I have this terrible feeling that it is all going to come out in front of them. The worst part in all of this is that I really don't have anyone. All I can do is find a way to confront her and whatever happens happens. It hurts me to think she is lying, but I just don't know what I can do. I really hope that I am just paranoid, and reading too much into things, but it scares me. I just felt I had to get it off my chest. Here's to hoping for the best.
I have had one online relationship and my online girlfriend cheated with another man online (or had cyber sex with another guy). Some people said its not cheating. But to me it felt like she did. She cheated again with the same guy later on.... I forgave her all those times, but I fell into depressions because of that. I have been with her for 14 months online...She has gotten real boyfriends in real life. I cant argue with this...Over the time being with her and getting in her head I have concluded the only reason why she cheats or have ever cheated was because she only thought about her own needs and forgot about how I would feel about her actions.
A few months ago my girlfriend started telling me of a new "friend" that she met in class at the college she attends. It thought nothing of it because we had plans to marry, and we were devoted to each other. A few weeks later she started distancing herself from me and not giving any good reason for it. Once or twice she would, without realizing it, ramble on about this new "friend" she met. I had suspicion that she had feelings for him but I was certain it would not lead to anything. A week later met up with some friends of mine and one told me that my girlfriend told his girlfriend that she had sex with her "friend". I let it go in one ear and out that other, but I still called her to ask and she denied. Then I called the friend that she confessed to... her story was a little different. Apparently after school she walked to his house and had sex with him in his room; something I would never dreamed she would do. She denied it, and denied it, even after I found a letter in her room she wrote to him while she was visiting family out of state. The letter talks all about what she wanted to do with him. I got bits and pieces of the story out of her over the phone while she was away, until finally I got the full confession. We are still together but I will never be the same and neither will our relationship.
I am attractive, successful, fun, good in bed, etc. My girlfriend was beautiful, smart, fun, and we were like the perfect couple. Then she cheated on me. I dumped her. It was horrible and painful. A few months later, she came crawling back, begging me to take her back, and I did. She promised it would never happen again. Well guess what? After a year together she started doing it again. She must have slept with 5 or 6 more totally destroyed our relationship and I had to get rid of her for good. I have learned that women are emotional junkies...they are slaves to their own emotions. For a woman, love is just a feeling. But for a man, or at least for me, love is a commitment you make in SPITE of your feelings. It is a decision "for better or for worse" to work things out, no matter what. But I can't count on a woman to make that kind of commitment. She is a woman - she will go with her feelings. As soon as she doesn't feel "in love," all bets are off! Because of this, I no longer trust women. I don't think they can be counted on for truth or fidelity...thus I cannot respect them either. And because of that, because I can no longer trust or respect women, I plan not to get into another relationship. I have become a player. I use women for sex because I honestly don't believe they are good for anything else. When was the last time you heard a woman say, "word is bond" ? NEVER because they don't think in those terms. I wish things weren't this way, I grew up believing in the cartoon version of romance. But this seems to be how they behave so I might as well enjoy them for what they're good for (sex).
My partner recently cheated on me with someone that she met online! She has a myriad of excuses/rationalizations as to why she cheated. I'm sad to say that she has chosen to continue seeing her cyber lover over our relationship.

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