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True Stories of Cheating Husbands
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I am putting this out there so you can have a good laugh--it wasn't funny when it happened but that was years ago now--more than five years ago. Anyway, my husband was on the computer hour after hour, and we were in couples counseling because the whole marriage was pretty bad. He blamed me for everything and I kept trying to be better, meanwhile he was changing nothing and wasn't doing much even when things were good. He worked and brought home his paycheck but spent plenty, too. Anything else he did was prevented by the fact that he was going to school, in the Navy Reserves and had hobbies. So when he WAS home, he need to RELAX. Here is the funny part--I played Sherlock Holmes and checked out the history on Netscape and found contact with other women. I also found that he had placed an "ad" on a singles site and used a picture that he cut in half. Guess who was in the other half? That's right--his wife--me! But it gets better (or worse) because it was our wedding picture! When I confronted him on that, he was annoyed because he said it was a good picture of him. Pardon me! He is now married to the last of the women he found on the internet. He left a trail of broken hearts. Amazing because this guy is a loser! I got over it all a long time ago. His present wife, who is younger and cuter, is jealous and won't let him talk to me. I wonder why!
I am a 32 year old female engaged to a 33 year old male who has a child from previous marriage. I have had the child since he was 2 and is now 9. The biological mother is deceased and i have been raising the child. My fiance cheated on me with a female i and he work with. I cannot get past the over 6 month relationship he had with this woman especially since i have been raising his child every day while he was out cheating. I own a home and two vehicles, he is on my home deed. should i get out of this? i do not trust him anymore.
While I was pregnant with our 2nd child, my husband had a 2 month affair with my best friend, and tried to say he was forced into it!
My husband for 22 years has been cheating on for at least a year. I found out by looking out my bedroom window. He is a member of a bowling league. Once a week he leaves and goes bowling and drinking with the guys. He has for the whole 22 years so I never thought he would cheat on me. I became ill the past year with back problems and finally I had to have a Spinal Fusion to get myself well. A few months ago he was late getting home, something told me to look out my bedroom window and their they were. I packed his bags and kicked him out. Since then, I had people come up to me and tell me that this has been going on for at least a year. Well now he has moved in with her. He tells me that it only because he has no other place to stay. I am having so many mixed emotions now. It seem everyday gets harder and harder. I still have feelings for him and each day I wonder why and cry. I know I need to take the right steps to believe in myself so I started a journal. You never know how things are going to turn out. I just wished it did not have to hurt so much.
i am a software engineer (57yo) and suspected my husband (57yo) of going onto porno sites on the internet. we had been married 9 years. i did find out that is what he was doing and was so very upset at that and he swore he would not ever do it again (i know where to look to find the information on the PC). during the discussion of his doing this, i told him that I WILL be checking periodically to see what he is doing and WILL find out if he's been a good boy or not. while he was out golfing, i found my way into his email and was devastated at what i saw. he had been having an internet affair with someone he knew 40 years ago in high school. i went to the golf course and told him to get home and pack his things and get out. i filed for divorce the next day. some people say "well, it really wasn't an affair since there wasn't any sex." well, let me tell you, it WAS an affair! when your spouse is telling someone else what he/she should be telling you, it's an or no sex. when i read in his email to her that his dreams at night were of her and he couldn't stop thinking about her, i felt (and was) betrayed. he betrayed my heart my trust and my love so that IS AN AFFAIR! soon after i kicked him out, i found out that he was not only having an internet affair, but he was also having a personal contact affair with someone at work, sooooo ladies and gents...don't think for one minute that if your spouse is having an internet affair that he/she isn't having a personal contact affair cuz the truth is...he/she most likely is! i am so happy now. i live comfortably with no complications of the heart. i have many friends and family that I CHOOSE to spend time with and am enjoying every aspect of my life! hugs to all of you that have been thru this!
My husband's girlfriend gave me detailed stories of having sex with him - the only problem is that they've never met. Dumb people are fun.
My story goes back a few years and should serve as a warning to any woman who finds herself being "cybercourted". I was very lonely and alone. My life looked good and fulfilling, but it wasn't. Estranged from my spouse and working almost 60 hours a week, I found myself using the internet to meet other people. Meeting for romance wasn't something I was interested in. I just wanted to make some friends who were not close to home. In my mid-40's, I was not interested in having some "buddy" hanging around. But I ended up meeting up with a man who romanced me more than I ever thought possible. He was six years younger, so I didn't pay much attention to him at first. In fact, I told him he could be my "little brother", a role he said he accepted only because he wanted to remain "close to me". How things transitioned from "buddies" online to romance in real life is still a blur to me. It seemed to happen quickly. The only person who could warn me about him was someone he didn't want me talking with: HIS WIFE. What I didn't know (at first) was that his wife was still in the home, they were still married and living together. In a short time, his story would change to "she's been in the process of leaving but taking her time doing it". I accepted that, like a dunce I suppose. Years later, I would end up talking with her and finding out that there had been NO discussion of ending their marriage until he an I had known one another for nearly two months. Mostly online, but also on the phone. Could this explain why he only let me have his cellphone number? Over time, things grew between us and there was talk of marriage. We had been sexual. Cyberly and, by this time, in person. Then came the moment of truth. One night, while visiting him in his hometown (we were 900 miles apart), he raped me. Yes, you read it. Raped. After which, he suddenly decided marriage was out of the question. He blamed his parents and God and me for his ending it. In a way, I was lucky. I could have ended up wife #4, destitute like all the others he married and dumped. He's probably still online. Ive talked to other women who have had dealings with him. I'm told he's remarried. If he is, I pity wife #4. He acts like a gentleman. A "white knight". Beware ladies. They may look like Prince Charming, but in the end? They're frogs.
Hi. I am 38 years old and married for four years. I have a terrible marriage. My husband hardly ever works, is mean to me and the kids, and wants to kick out my stepson. Recently, I met a man online. He currently has an online g/f, and we both know each others story. Still, we cant resist each other, we love to chat about out lives and we do flirt. I was planning on leaving my husband at the first of the year anyway, so i am going to continue to talk to this man as he is one of the only friends i currently have.
I am a military spouse that has been married for over 18yrs. To someone i thought i knew but now i guess i never knew him. He is a man that lives a double life and a dangerous one at that. He has admitted to having numerous affairs on me and now after 18yrs of dedication to this man. He made it all the way to the top as an enlisted solider can go no higher. After all i have done for this man he no longer wants a wife or family. He has left evidence for me to find and i can't say he was careless he just didn't care. And then it's all i'm sorry i didn't want to hurt you and i can change really once a cheater will always be a cheater. He shows no remorse in his behavior it's all about him and his career never has his family been #1 but i have been so infatuated with this man i believed everything he has said until now i do believe that he kept this marriage to make it to the top in his career and now he no longer needs me. He has caused great pain in my life and with all his lies and humiliation he has caused me to become so emotionally drained. There are so many spouses men and women that do this to there loved one's not all but many. I also told him what comes around goes around and i hope to live to see the day this happens. He is a man that especially likes to go after married women it's all about a chase with him. But now he has come clean telling me after all the lies that he no longer wants to hurt me and i need to move on with my life imagine that have my dedication to him and his career. So i guess he has another victim already which will soon find out that he is no good and it's all about his selfish self. I truly loved the ground this man walked on and i allowed him to use me as a doormat. But no more i will do as he asked i will move on and get my life in order and just wait for him to get all he deserves in the long run you can only dodge so many bullets or mess with the wrong persons spouse. Sooner or later you get caught at your own games but the bad thing is he hurt the one that truly loved him and wanted to grow old and take care of him but he will have to grow old and alone by himself. Unless he finds another fool like me but hopefully she will be much smarter than i.
We where on our way back from a family vacation in Mexico for three weeks and we where in the McDonalds drive-in when my husband gets a phone call on his cellular phone from another man asking who he is, where he lives, what he is doing and why his phone number was on his girlfriends cellular phone. The man was checking his girlfriends phone number that where on her incoming menu and there where several of them I heard them saying. The man wanted to know why he was calling her and my husband denied it all right in front of me and our 8 year old daughter in the truck. My daughter and I where speechless and I was hurting. The two got into an argument on the phone and my husband hung up. The man called back and they fought again. He hung up again. I questioned him and he got mad at me saying I was over-reacting and that he was set up. He knew he was busted. He handed the phone to me and said to call the man back and ask him. When I did the man didn't answer. I saved the number, later it was disconnected. Now, I can say I have an answer to all of those unavailable phone calls to his cellular phone. I am guessing she used a phone card most of the time in order not to track the number. This all just happened December 3, 04. Our marriage has always been rocky but we went on a family vacation to "renew" our relationship. The vacation went very good and it was the first time I had a feeling that he was really trying to change. That phone call ruined it, all of it. When I brought it up again, he just got mad and acted like I was the bad guy by picking on him. He always tries to change the story and when I don't he tries to make it like it is my fault to take the heat off him. He would never admit to it but I know better. This wasn't the first time I felt this way. At this point I don't know what I will do.
I've been married to my husband for 9 years and i can't believe it's been a lie he can never tell the truth about his cheating he claims he has never cheated on me but the signs are there he promised to love and obey, love and protect me the first 2 years it was the best then he started wandering off he has lust. he doesn't tell me he loves me anymore when we get into bed he turns over and goes to sleep and when i cry from neglect he covers his head with the blanket like if i am annoying him. I don't get no hugs no it's going to be okay talks or nothing i just want a divorce he won't talk to me about it he just rather accuse me so he could continue to cheat. I'm hurting so bad and he doesn't even care.

My husband left me 4 months ago and came back 1 week ago. When he left he left with no explanation and ended up living with a girl he worked with. He treated me like dirt when he was away and only came into my life to borrow money. Im not sure why I let him move back in with me, I guess I thought he changed and wanted to love me again. However, since he has been back he has gone on 2 trips out of town (work, supposedly) and shows me no affection. He also talks on the phone to someone he claims is his "Buddy"! I can tell the difference from him talking to a guy from talking to a girl. I think he came back and is still with the other girl. The thing I dont understand is why bother coming back to me in the first place. I was doing fine without him and all he does is bring me down. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy and I really dont want to believe he is cheating on me and playing me for a fool! All of the stories on here have helped me realize im not the
only out there going through this!

I have read all these stories and found that they are very sad. I have been married for almost three years now, and have been with my husband since my junior year of high school. We are not perfect. I caught him looking at porn on line and felt really sick. I am not the type that is against it, but I feel that we should do it together. I am the type of woman who likes sex at least twice a day. I wonder what more he could want. I am a very pretty lady not to sound conceited. Since I caught him with the porn, I have watched very closely, and have found nothing else on line or in my house. I truly believe that internet porn is a type of cheating, to all you who do not think so. All I ever wanted out of my marriage is to love my husband. We are so young with no kids yet and here I am scared that he will stray someday. I know for the time being I will continue to love him and keep my tabs on him. I hate to say that, I want trust, I just feel like it's gone at the moment.
Men are born to cheat; the sooner we women accept it, the better!!!
Hi. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half. We have a daughter who will be 14 months old next month. We dated for 4 months, when I found out I was pregnant, and got married 2 months afterward. Our daughter was born last December and a few months after she was born, I discovered that my husband had started going online and viewing naked women (not so much hardcore porn, as just pictures of women who didn't look like me). I'm not ugly--I'm about 5'7", brunette and have about a size 10 build--I was a size 6 and very athletic and trim when my husband and I first dated. I'm still athletic and have had a hard time trimming back down to a 6, but am shapely and nice looking in anything I wear. I confronted my husband about this last year, when he started doing this just after Valentine's day (which is when we resumed having sex). Childbirth was difficult and things are definitely not the same as they were "down there" and I have a difficult time getting aroused. I'm 37 and my husband is 29. To my knowledge, he hasn't viewed any pictures or done anything on the internet since March/April of last year. He even went so far as to tell me once, when we first resumed sex, that it wasn't the most important thing between us. Recently, I discovered that he had gone onto a site and viewed a blonde girl about college age--definitely not like me-not once, but 10 times. I haven't confronted him about it, but he's made references to ME going online and looking at porn, which is something I definitely don't do. I asked him point blank if he'd been looking at anything online and he said "no", which I know is a lie--I've viewed the online log and that doesn't lie. I've asked him time and again what we can do to spice up our sex life, but he won't tell me anything. Sometimes he just lays there as though he wants to go to sleep. Other times he wants to rush through pleasing me so we can get to pleasing him. Lately, he's wanted me to just give him oral sex--and that's it--he doesn't even seem interested in making love together. Do I have something to worry about? My belief that looking at this online is just the next step to cheating--that in a way, it's emotional cheating--I don't think he realizes how this makes me feel and how it erodes my self esteem (which I pointed out to him the first time he ever did it). He brought his computer home from work last week and left it for a few days, which he never does--it's almost as though he wanted me to catch him and say something. I refuse to make an issue out of it again--lately, he wonders what's wrong with me and I feel as though I really can't trust him if he can't come clean after being asked if he had been looking at women online again. As a footnote to this, his father cheated on his mother--his father told me about this right in front of my husband--and his father will try to refer to "blondes in trucks" and other women while he's out with us anywhere. Is this a case of "like father, like son"? I don't know. I'm not really sure what else to say to him. I feel like saying that since he won't tell me what he wants and seems to like what he sees online, to go find someone else if I don't excite him.
I will never forgive my husband for his internet affair, he says he wishes he'd never set eyes on the internet, saying: 'I said ages ago we should get rid of the internet' and as I told him: it isn't the internet that's the problem it's the people (perverts) that use it. he does not go on the internet anymore as all my trust in him has gone, I know I'll never forget or never forgive, what we had has gone forever, yet I know in my heart that he loves me, but I trusted and look where trust got me! Often these people know the person they are chasing is married, so they are no better than the cheating spouse themselves. he loves me, but my love is dead, I have switched off gone. hurting.
My husband of 6 years confessed to a one night stand with a friends cousin. His only excuse was 'I was drunk" yeah right, if you knew that much you should have known to bring your drunk ass home. I am still hurting over this and to be honest I am seriously thinking of a divorce. The pain is so crucial and I gave him no reason except that I am a good wife and a hard worker. We are entitled to make mistakes, yes, but some mistakes are not to be made and cheating is one of them. He is a good father to our children and a good provider for our family but I cannot forgive him for this, I feel like if you do it one time you will do it again. He constantly begs me to forgive him, he cries, he goes out of his way to try and make things right but I cannot move on, as far as I am concerned this marriage is over.
I discovered my husband of 22 years had sex online. I found it (messages) about 3 months ago & even though it happened 3 years ago Iím absolutely devastated. I think Iím moving on & then BANG down I go again. I think whatís making it worse is he seems to think it is no big deal he says its not like I was cheating. He really doesnít see it as a betrayal of the biggest kind. I cant talk to my friends as Iím so embarrassed and I donít want friends thinking badly about him. But Iím having a real struggle dealing with it on my own. I was surprised that there are so many people this has happened to. There is a word for it you know e-dultery. I was this happy bubbly person confident in the love & fidelity of my husband, now in the couple of months since Iíve lost about 2 stone, my hair is falling out &. Iím so sad all the time. People say I look good because Iíve lost all this weight & ask if Iíve been on a diet if they only knew. My heart is truly broken I donít know how to fix it. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. Iím sorry that there are so many of us hurting.
My brother was cheating on his wife claiming to be working overtime while running around with a co-worker. They got a divorce just this past January. Since separating from his wife, he has lived with this woman he was cheating with, and now they are getting married. I am thoroughly disgusted by what he did to my sister in law, he should have divorced her before being with another woman. I can't believe he placed this dame before his own two children, who stay on occasion at this woman's house with her kids. My brother and I were never close, and this has made me so angry at him. I haven't met this woman yet, and I'm not optimistic about the haste or success of this second marriage. His priority should be his kids, not this woman. I don't want my two nieces to suffer through the mess my brother has made of his personal life. Selfishness and parent are two words that shouldn't go together.

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