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True Stories of Cheating Husbands
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I am a woman with a very high sex drive, I use my brain when having sex (you know what I mean), I am sexy, very attractive, slim and blonde and in my sexual prime (late 30's). My sex life has always been fantastic. So you tell me why my husband of just a few months has been caught chatting to 60 year old woman? I have caught him, confronted him and almost divorced him. He had been giving his phone number to everyone and anyone (he had 2 mobile phones, one he said was for normal use and the other for "work" yeah right!) He told me had had never been unfaithful to me, that he had been silly chatting, emailing pics and calling these "older woman" and " other woman of all ages" that he was being like a "silly boy" and now that I had found out, he was relieved that it was all over with. He swore on our children’s lives that he would NEVER do it again... Well, that was 2 months ago. Guess what? I have caught him again, a new screen name, a new email account and even an email to the 60+ year old woman who had previously sent him porn pictures of herself. I have yet to confront him, he works away from home, at this moment in time, I am wanting a divorce. Its the children I feel sorry for and of course me, I have gone through hell with this, I cant take anymore. So, to the guy who blames a woman’s "sexual behavior, or lack of it"" YOU ARE SOOOOO WRONG,,I cant get enough of, its my husband who turns me down, I wonder why?
My husband wanted me to drop him of at the bus station so he could take it to the airport and spend time with one of his best friends that was flying in. I knew he was going to meet a woman. I had already recorded all his phone and Internet conversations with her.
After 24 years of marriage and 22 years as a USN wife and mother, my husband would tell me that he was "practicing his Spanish" with these women. He has never had a physical relationship, but I must say the emotional pain is the same.
We are newly married and I just gave birth to our first child. At about 4 weeks post-partum I stumbled upon an email from a woman he met on the internet. He made up a story to get out of the situation and being in my vulnerable emotional 'just gave birth to a child' state. I believed him. Two weeks later our checking account statement came in from one of these internet dating services. I called him at work and asked him about the charges. He was silent for about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to wiggle out of this situation this time. I went onto his computer and saw the personal sex ad he had placed on the internet dating service. He at least made it clear that he was married with one child. He also made it clear that he was looking for a discreet one on one sexual relationship. I then found numerous emails through the service and his private email from women interested in a purely sexual relationship. The ironic thing is, he used the same pick up lines when he met me on the internet. (I must interject that our relationship did not develop from a personals ad and had nothing to do with started a sexual relationship). He even gave his cell phone number to some women. Well this situation is resolved 3 weeks later. He told me he never met any women form the internet nor talked on the phone with one. He says he did what he did to get attention from a women because he felt unloved and unwanted in our relationship. Please take into consideration the last 4 weeks of my life I got about 4 hours asleep at a time as I adjusted to being a first time mom. Since then he has deleted all accounts and cleaned his computer from the garbage that was accumulated during his "search for significance". And I have become more attentive to him, even stretching myself thinner to give my undying attention to my new infant and my husband. But as for me, I don't trust him anymore. for one thing he could have told me to whole truth when I found that first email. And how do you think I feel about my body, seeing him eye those skinny young beauties? For some reason when the baby comes out of the womb the belly is still there but a little hangy! Which I am working on that but it not expected to disappear after the baby is removed! So that is my story, my heartbreak, my destroyed sense of trust and self-image. You give your all to another human being and when they do something like this... you are left feeling worthless, like your all just wasn't enough. Men that are going through their wives pregnancy and new mommie period, be there for her don't go searching for attention outside the marriage. Your wives may be moody but this will pass. She in experiencing fluctuating hormones on top of the lack of sleep. And now is the time to support her and build a trust that will last a lifetime. The sexual relationship will come back more amazing than ever after she sees how you provided and protected her those first couple of impressionable months. Don't ruin your marriage and family over some cheap superficial sense of self worth.
When I found out that my husband was cheating it was the most horrible moment I had ever experienced. We had been married for 10 months and he had worked as a security guard for a major department store, He said that he had to work extra hours because of the holidays, and after the holidays he made the excuse that he was now a reserve police officer so no matter what time of night it was he would have an excuse for leaving, I followed him shortly after he left one night, and found him getting into a vehicle with another woman. I waited for him to arrive at his vehicle the next day where I had wrote numerous things on his vehicle, letting everyone including the other woman know he was married, come to find out the whole time we were married he was also living another life with her and led her to believe she was the only one to. No things will never be the same, however forgiving is not forgetting and this will always be on the back of my mind.
After 30 years of marriage we move to Arizona for his health. We build a brand new dream house our two grown sons come with us to finish college He did not want to even buy the computer but I talk him into it. He told me one day he was going fishing in ****** for a few days. After giving me a big 50th birthday party and taking all these pictures telling everyone how much he loves me. He leaves the next day for his so call fishing trip. The next night a man calls me from Missouri and told me my husband was out there with his wife. A hour later I get a call from my husband telling me we should of never marry and never have children that he never love me. It now has been five and a half years and we are still fighting in court they think they can rip your heart out and your children and change your whole life in a phone call and nothing should happen to them that everything should go their way. It is hard to trust again after so many years with one person and you gave them everything
my husband and i were married for 17 years, have 2 boys ages 19 and 9, i found him having an affair with a gal from Illinois, he promised when i caught him that is was just a game and would never do it again, i caught him again with the same girl only months later, we are now separated our divorce comes final sept 2003, very very sad for the boys, this has totally ruined their lives and future, mine as well, i thought he loved me, and never thought this would ever happen to us,, but it did, this is a great site, thanks for listening
My story is short and maybe not so sweet, We had retired, paid cash for a beautiful home and acreage, filled it with magnificent cattle, and life was pleasure for us, that was until my husband of 23 years decided he wanted a computer, three months later, flew out of Brisbane to meet an internet lover he had been chatting to and never met. Unfortunately that was the end of what l thought was a good marriage. But life has been good to me, l have adjusted being alone, with the help of a wonderful family. I consider myself a very lucky and happy person.
Three years ago my husband (50 years old) left me for a woman he met on the internet, she was 31 y.o. with 3 young children. After 28 years of marriage, he just left, breaking my 48 y.o. heart in pieces. He left me but said that he still had feelings for me and to let him live what he had to live. After 2 months his relationship didn't work out, her to young, with 3 kids. So he came back home saying that the grass is not greener...and that he realized what he had left behind. He came back but the question he never answered me was, did he come back because she didn't want him anymore or is it because he wanted his secure home back or was it really for me. It is very hard to forget, it has been 3 years and still there is not 1 day that I don't think about it. I have learned to live with my pain. Please before lying and going behind the back of your spouse, think of the pain of a broken heart.
I have been separated for one year now after finding out my husband had internet affairs with 25 women. He spent about 4 to 6 hours a day on the computer and lied about what he was doing. I found e-mails and porn on our famiy computer and he became so addicted to the porn sites that he could not think of anything else. Our whole life began to crumble, and he always blamed me for everything. He became a very angry, abusive, and controlling person and would not lift a finger to help me with the children or the house. Eventually, I could'nt take any more so I installed a spy system into the computer and within 24 hours my marriage of 13 years was over. Me and my two beautiful children where not enough for him once he was addicted to the online relationships and porn. It was like he was not even a living part of the family. When I confronted him, he said that it was my fault. He is now living alone, angry and failing in every relationship in his life. If any one suspects their partner is having online affairs do whatever you can to find out the truth, even if you have to install software behind their backs. To me, online affairs are just like having a real affair in person as they are taking time away from the real relationship, and sharing their feeling. My ex went as far as to actually have sex with them, describing each sickening move they were making to each others body, describing in detail how it felt, and wanting to know where the other person lived. This world is becoming a sick place and I have a tough time trusting any man now.
When I first found out I was cheated on i was devastated. I was 9 months pregnant with me and my husbands son. We were fighting more than usual and the one day he left our house. well the girl he cheated on me with at the time happened to be his dads girlfriend daughter. What really hurt is that i found out a year later cause the girl went around bragging about it to everyone. When i found out about i asked my husband did he do it and was it true and he swore up and down that he did not do anything with her. well i had the girl come to my home and say right in front of him that they went behind my back and slept with each other. he wouldn't say a word why she was there. After she left he finally admitted to me that he had cheated but it was only once. To this day i can't forget about even though i have tried and tried. It still hurts. He still tells me that he wished he hadn't done it and he was just mad that night cause we were fighting. he said to that she stared it all and that he didn't want to do it and I said you could have said no. I think you can forgive but its so hard to forget. To make matters worse now that he did it and all his father married the girls mother and now the girl is his stepsister so i can never get away from it.
My husband cheated on me twice before we married. I tried to leave the 2nd time and he was hysterical. He cried and wouldn't let me leave. So I didn't. Three weeks after we married, I was 7 months pregnant and he lied to me about where he was going, removed his wedding rings, and went to a club. He was supposed to be home at midnight, but midnight turned into 5am. He came home drunk and throwing up. All week he kept lying about working late etc. I believed him. I never thought he'd cheat again... let alone 3 weeks after our wedding.. but when "she" called a few nights later. I found out he slept with her. They didn't use protection.. she wasn't on the pill, but he said not to worry that the sex was horrible.. she was ugly as hell, and he didn't even ejaculate. I don't believe any of it. he behaved for awhile and then I was out of town and came home to find he'd set up a separate email account to receive porn through, even after he'd promised be about 5 or 6 times he'd stop looking at porn.. and he signed up on a bunch of singles sites specifically looking for people to have sex with in our area.. He's now mad at me. He cheated 6 months ago, and started the internet stuff about a month and a half ago... now he's mad because I don't trust him at all. What do I do? I have a three month old daughter with this man? Is "once a cheater, always a cheater" really true? Does counseling help? Should I be with the man I love, even when he's tearing our family apart?
I found out my husband had an internet lover.. after 35 years of marriage. thinking of calling it quits. funny thing is, IT was MY fault...???? I don't think so
My husband cheated for a year with his ex-girlfriend while I was working and he stayed home working in his computer shop. He continuously told me he was faithful and he said she called him all the time because of computer problems. He would tell me when he would go to her house so I assumed it was computer related. After we were married a month, she told me he had been having sex with her the whole time we were living together. I wish I would have found out before we got married in June 03. He expects me to forgive and forget it ever happened. And I can forgive but it is hard to trust him now. And he wonders why I don't trust him.
my husband is having an affair with a 34 yr. chinese girl..he is 55yrs old there are a lot of ways my story is different and the one that has frustrated me more than i can make anyone understand is that right from the beginning he wanted a divorce and said he could not work on our marriage. It was over for him. kept saying "can't do it". i knew there had to be someone else even though i was totally shocked never in my wildest dreams did i think he would do this. he is planning on marrying her. she is breaking up her marriage as well and oh, by the way, another biggie here he denied her up until just a few weeks ago "there is no one else. i just want a divorce" i found her and i found her husband in china no less i have been communicating with her husband and he is devasted like me another important factor here is that this has been going on over a year now and not once have i gotten mad at my husband but have instead told him how i truly feel and that is that i still love him he has lied to me over and over again and i just want it all to be over i am scared to death of how i am going to live the rest of my life if anyone can help me PLEASE DO i have no college education and i am a 52 year old housewife what i do have going for me is that i do not look my age and have a lot of energy thank heavens i pray a lot for guidance i have always adored this man and feel like i have lost my best friend oh, i almost forgot her husband says "no way would she want an old man she is using your husband to get to america where she has always wanted to live" she is leaving her 8 yr. old daughter. Women in mainland China do this all the time i have found out in fact "she" has two friends who have found American businessmen husbands they (she and my husband) will have a great relationship i figure based on lies and deception.....please please pray for me
By accident I came across a women's profile on our computer under the history page that is normally cleared everytime you leave. I caught myself in shock - but of course did want to jump to conclusions so the next week when he left for a trip I started digging. One part of me was saying dont look because you really dont want to know and the other was YES - look because everyone thinks he is so perfect! I knew that he had a problem on the computer called "GO BACK" that helped w/ backup when/if the computer ever crashed. I found his entire log of yahoo instant messages, not the messages themselves but a log of time, dates, his profile THEIR profile (yes, many many). Needless to say I was again in SHOCK! I confronted him the next day over the phone on his trip home...he denied every seeing them or talking on the phone. I was ify about this but wanted to trust him because I loved him and wanted this marriage to work. We started seeing a marriage counselor and alot was lifting off my chest that had been there for years. A month later while sitting in his work truck something made me pick up his cell phone and look...there were 4 numbers w/ no name to them and i wrote them down. A few days later I did a phone reverse on them but they were either unlisted or a cell number - so i called them. they were all women! At this point i pulled our cell phone bills off line and had them detailed out...he had been talking w/ several women over the past year or more. I was so shaking up that I could not see straight. The times he talked where various, from during the day to late at night (which meant he was in our home calling these women) I dared him to tell me that he had never meet any of them once i brought this information to the table and he admitted to having an affair with one of them. I contacted her because he had said she had been cheated on by her husband (which does not make any of this right), she had 2 girls just like us and i told her that the next time she looked into the eyes of her daugthers to think about my two and how their lives may change if we can not work this out. I dont know where i am going at this point...i do love him and i can forgive him but i dont think i can ever forget and that is something that if i can not then we should not be together. Of course, he is kissing booty and doing anything to stay in this marriage but i just want to know that it is for real and not because he does not want people to know how low he can be and has been
My husband and i just moved to my in-laws house in another country. During our first few days he always went on the internet in his brother's room rather than in the study room (we have 2 pc's). He also did this when I wasn't around, sleeping, or busy. One night our daughter was looking for him & I accompanied her to my brother-in-law's room where I presumed my husband was. My daughter knocked & opened the door. My husband had his back to me so he didn't know I was there. He was chatting with someone. When he turned around & saw me, he suddenly closed 1 of the chat windows & had this totally guilty look on his face. I have tried to confront him but he either denies everything, shuts up, or gets mad. Now he accesses his email & the internet in his office & doesnt use the pc at home. I don't have proof that he's cheating but I have this bad feeling in my stomach that wouldnt go away. I would appreciate any suggestions on what to do. This is eating me up alive.
My husband cheated for a year with his ex-girlfriend while I was working and he stayed home working in his computer shop. He continuously told me he was faithful and he said she called him all the time because of computer problems. He would tell me when he would go to her house so I assumed it was computer related. After we were married a month, she told me he had been having sex with her the whole time we were living together. I wish I would have found out before we got married in June 03. He expects me to forgive and forget it ever happened. And I can forgive but it is hard to trust him now. And he wonders why I don't trust him.
I was married for 28 1/2 years, loved and trusted my husband more than anyone in the world. We live in Canada. At Christmas of 2000 we got a Web-cams for our whole family because our children lived far away and this way we could talk anytime we wanted. My husband had met a woman at an free online casino that we both played at who had web-cam and offered to help set up ours she lived in Tennessee. By January of 2001 my husband was talking to her on Paltalk everyday and it was bothering me, I spoke to him and told him how I was feeling and he said fine he would not talk to her anymore, he also told me it was just for fun. After that there was no more instant messages or notes from her. I thought everything was over. My husband made a trip to see our son in Florida for his 21st birthday in March and the trip went well. On May 15th our second Grandson was born to our Daughter who lived on Canada it was a rough day and we almost lost our Daughter and Grandson but in the end all worked out well. A week to the day I came home from work to find a letter from my husband stating he was leaving me didn't know where he was going or where he would end up he just disappeared. My children all came home and within the week they had found him and he was with the woman he had been chatting with on the internet. My Children had found out that on his trip back from Florida that he had met and had an affair with this woman. And that she had gone home from meeting my husband and told her husband she wanted and divorce and had moved out of her family home about 4 weeks later. It ended up that they were chatting while I was studying and my husband could hear me coming down the stairs and minimize the screen when he heard me coming. He had left his job the way he had left me with a letter. I had breakdown and ending up in the hospital. I lost everything because of the way he left I couldn't pay our bills he had left me with $30.00 in the bank. I had to claim bankruptcy, lost my home we had lived in for 18 yrs, and everything else. That was over 2 years ago and I haven't seen my husband since the day before he left me, he is a coward as he won't face me. He has lost his children they don't want anything to do with him because of what he has done. My husband had taught our children that the worst thing in life was a liar and then he became the biggest liar of all. I still love my husband very much I thought of him as my husband, my best friend and there was on one in my life I trusted like I trusted him. I will never trust like that again.

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