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True Stories of Cheating Husbands
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I first met the man who is now my husband when I was 18 yrs old. I had returned to my home town (fiance in tow) after graduating from boarding school and wanted to find my old friend. I found out where her apartment was and went to visit her. She was living with a guy ~ "A very cute one", I thought. I was so happy for her and I thought we could all be friends, but then my cousins started telling me that this guy was obsessing over me. He said I was the hottest girl he'd ever seen around here (it's a pretty small town) and that if i would give him a chance he would make me the center of his world for the rest of our lives. It was flattering, yes, but I was outraged. I wanted to tell my friend, but I had never seen her so happy before. Luckily I didn't have to worry about much because they broke up a few months later. My fiance and I also began having some problems and I started going out by myself more often. This guy and I started conversing more frequently and soon they were were flirtations. Around this time my fiance (who I discovered had slept with two other women) and I moved away to try to "save our relationship". Three months later I was back in my home town. My very first night in town, who should I run into? I told him i wasn't ready to jump into another relationship, but he was persistent. He said all the things a young woman wants to hear, and he made me honestly believe in every word he said. I can't remember a happier time in my life. I felt like a queen ~ His Queen. We were married a year later. I believed him, with every fiber of my being, when he said there could never be anyone above me. This past weekend we were at a night club when I noticed him talking to a very pretty girl who's also know to be very promiscuous. TWICE I ignored it because I am not a jealous person. As I said, my husband always made me feel like the sexiest woman alive and I am very secure in myself. But the third time I couldn't ignore. The way he went out of his way to run into her and dance by her on the dance floor gave me a sick feeling. The way she touched his arm and he touched her waist was very inappropriate. Maybe they weren't kissing or hugging, but it was enough for me. I am so lost. I feel like maybe I don't even know my husband, but in the course of writing this story I realize I know him very, very well. More than I would like to admit to myself.
I have always trusted one another until about six month into our 14yr. We started going separate ways not getting along always finding things to fight about it was horrible. It now almost been a year since our separation and things have not changed I feel they have gotten worse. 3monts after we parted I had moved out with our 2 children. He moved a girl 11 yrs younger than him into our house. The girl is 11 yrs older than our daughter. I still love him and wish we could work things out. I have never solely blamed him for all that has happened. A lot of couples I have talked to say that he will come back but I do not know what to do. He still pays all of our bills and picks our kids up when ever they call him
My husbands best friend told me my husband was seeing a girl at work so I ask my husband about it he said it was a lie so I let it go a few days latter something told me to look at his cell phone and he had the girls number programmed into his phone so I called it and sure enough it was her I then looked at the bill and they have called each about a month or so he finally admitted to it but that was all it was he said I still fill there’s more to it we are trying to work things out but its hard for me I will never trust him again and trust is a big thing in a relationship I don't no what to do about it I wish there’s a way to find out for sure he still works with this girl and I cant deal with it im under a lot of stress and im 11 weeks pregnant with our 4th child please let me no what I can do to find out if there is more
I recently gave birth to a baby girl. About 2 months later, in February, the baby and I flew to my home state to visit my relatives. I had always known my husband often chatted, but I thought since our daughter was born, he would change. We stayed for a week and a half. When I got back everything was weird. He was being stand-offish and just seemed annoyed with me. One night I had just finished putting the baby to bed, I went into the living room where he had fallen asleep on the sofa, he had been using his laptop, and had sat it down on the floor beside the sofa. I picked it up, thinking I was going to check my e-mail and then turn it off. He had yahoo messenger on and had not signed off, and this female was messaging him, asking when they could meet up again. Again?!?! I then confronted her, asking who she was and telling her who I was. She told me she had met up with him and then sent me e-mail conversations which she has copied & pasted. I was so hurt and angry. There is nothing else to tell. I know this woman's e-mail address and everything, and am doing everything in my power not to e-mail her. I just really want her to feel how much pain I felt and anger. I am still angry about this and I can't seem to get over it. Consequently this has made me untrusting and bitter towards the opposite sex.
I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 17, and at 17&18 yrs old we were married.(no I wasn't pregnant) a year later we had our first child, then 4 yrs later we had twins. We have now been married for 27 years, about 8 mo. ago I found out my husband was having an affair with his secretary. She is also married and has a 4yr. old son. I was so devastated and hurt that I tried to kill myself, I ended up in the hospital(nut ward) I felt as if my heart was ripped out of my chest and stomped on how could this have happened, I seen warning signs with her first and I told my husband this he just said no way she was not his type not to worry. In time I seen changes in him, I knew but had to prove it. I love him with all my heart and soul, so how could he do this to me? We have since then gotten back together and are rebuilding our marriage. So far so good. One thing that still bothers me is that I never got to confront the other women, but I will!
It was Mother's Day and my husband did not opt to go out with the children and me for dinner. Instead, he stayed at home to mow the lawn; which he was still doing when we returned home. Unfortunately, he had not logged out of the IM, which I had never used. While attempting to access email, I find that I am getting instant messages from two women, neither of whom seem to know he was married. He swears that they are internet friends of his gay sister. He swore that the personal ad I found was not his and it was probably done by one of the guys at work to "set him up" you know a "revenge thing". He disavowed all knowledge of the porno chatrooms I detected when I looked in the cookies. He did, eventually, admit to this; but I am just "over reacting for millions of men in this country look at porn."
Well, I am a mother of three - two grown and gone; however, the youngest came in our later years and is the joy of my life. He will not admit to any wrongdoing but says he doesn't want a divorce for he, too, loves his daughter. I have chosen to stay - so many years invested and our youngest daughter needs and adores him. Our elder girls have been supportive and are hoping we can resolve this problem. I am very pragmatic and I know that my first responsibility is to my children for they are grown and gone so quickly. However, it hurts so much to know that not only have you been cheated on, but your spouse has lied to you. The internet filters are now on high - he knows why; but we pretend it is to protect our daughter, which it is if it keeps her parents together and the smut out. Maybe it is one of those mid-life things. As I have trawled the personal ads, yet again this evening to see if he's back at it, I can't help but wonder how many of these men are married. I am waiting for the day I am healed enough to stop checking. I want to trust him AND my computer again. Your website is a source of enlightenment and its address caught his attention. Thank you for posting our stories, for the words of encouragement, and for the links to ways we can resolve the problem. Alas, I now have two friends who have also found need of this site. It is amazing how something so good can be used for something so very evil. Again, thank you for letting me vent. To all, may your lives be healed whether victim or cheater.
It is awful what is going on out there. Wow, what a great site, if only I had known about this, I may have been able to saved a 30 yr. marriage; I knew something was wrong when my husband was at computer late at night, clicking off when I came up, pretending to be playing games on computer, but chatting with Russian lady(24 yrs younger) he ended up marrying a month after our divorce, when he told me he had no one to be with. I guess tons of folks have felt that gut retching feeling when computers are brought into our homes. It is awful what is going on out there. be careful!
My husband and I have been together for two and a half years. We really don't seem to have any major problems, and I know I'm an insecure person at times, but we recently got into the whole internet thing and I found out that he's been talking to a woman online. I asked him about it and he says he won't do it anymore. He also says that it wasn't anything to worry about. He has never given me a reason not to trust him. Am I overreacting? Is the whole internet thing something I should be concerned about? I love him and we have a great relationship. I do not want this to be an issue between us. Am I nuts?

Well this is a hard story to write for the wounds are still very fresh . Don't think they will ever be healed .. I was married for 25 years to a man that I trusted with my life and would have bet my life that cheating was the one thing he wasn't capable of.. but here goes little did i know the last 2 years of our marriage he was sleeping with who I thought was my best friend she and i did everything together and so did her husband and mine.. she was at my house everyday we shared every meal together and our two youngest children were best friend.. if only i had know the truth.. friend she wasn't i had open heart surgery 3 years ago and guess who slept in my bed the same night ...when i found out last year i kicked him out took everything and set out to destroy him .. guess i did for 33 days after our divorce was final her passed away from a she has the nerve to pretend she did nothing wrong and and that you are suppose to sleep with your friends and if i had not jumped the gun and divorced my husband so quickly that it was just a thing and would have ended.. without anyone getting hurt
How sad that the Internet with so many positive sides also holds a "darkside" that can lead many ignorant people into something that can overtake you like any other substance abuse. My husband and I remet after 38 years through the Internet (we used to date in high school when we were only 17 years old). However, our "new" relationship was a long distance one for a year before we got married, and unfortunately I didn't really know the man I was marrying. Talking on the phone or through the Internet does not give you the true personality of that person. The Internet affords one to embelish themselves, and many people tend to say things they wouldn't really say if "face to face". Our marriage is not a good one, and after being on my own for the past 18 years, I find that being married to my "Internet love" has been a big mistake, but one that I am trying to stay with. and still trying to save. We have many problems, and one of them is that my husband is continuing to write to some other ex-girlfriends on his computer at work. (He doesn't write to them from home). I found out he was doing this after finding several e-mail addresses in his wallet. How sad that I have become a "victim" of what brought he and I together! Be careful everyone out there. The computer is a Godsend, but can also be used for a lot of evil doings!
I left my husband, took the children and filed for divorce when I found out how far his on-line romances were going. There were many times I was tired, bored, frustrated, angry and downright lonely through our 25 years together, but I tried to keep it together because we had something of value: our family. I was never the perfect woman, wife or mother, but then who is perfect? So many men and women are cheating via the internet. So many homes and families are being broken apart. So many children are suffering. It makes me wonder if there is a bond strong enough to stop a person from destroying a life and a history built over many years. We are all searching for the same thing: love and acceptance for the person we are. I find it highly suspect that we would be able to find that from a stranger through the internet rather than in our own homes; from the people we have lived with and loved, suffered with, endured tragedies together and laughed and made lasting memories with. But it must be so because it is happening all over the world. In my situation not only my children and myself suffered, but her children and family also suffered. How many lives were touched by this unfortunate incident that two people started in a chat room? Maybe a warning should pop up as soon as someone enters a chat room: Warning!!!! This could be hazardous to your life!
I am a mother of two children 4 and 2 and i have always suspected my husband of cheating. Two days ago he told me not only had he had a one night stand, but the woman has conceived a child and he is now 8 months old. Now i have to make the decision of what to do.
A few years back, I bought a computer, and my husband quickly started chatting. After worrying that he would run off with some internet hoochie, I started spying, and even figured out his passwords. Well, he was not really carrying on with any women he never met, he was carrying on with his EX WIFE! I've never been able to find out if they actually saw each other in person or not, but she lives in my town. We did not divorce, but I will not forget what he did.
I was married for 25 years to a successful professional, a man who was admired for his integrity and honesty by friends and family. We subscribed to internet services, I came in the room one night and saw he was on a porn site, he made a joke about it, said he was just curious. I thought he added a few more evening business errands after that, one night he was really late and said he had to pull the car over and sleep he was afraid to drive tired. We were planning a ceremony to renew our vows (his idea) he was getting ready for an annual business conference in Phoenix. I came home unexpectedly and he must have just shut off the monitor quickly to keep me from seeing anything. I decided to check my email, turned on the monitor and there was a page of GAY personals ads for Phoenix! Then I checked his computer files and found female and male porn photos. When I confronted him he said he'd been meeting people for sex "for a few years." We have 2 children, now 16 and 10, who were 12 and 6 when this happened. We went through family counseling, separated homes 2 years later, and I moved with the girls from the suburbs to a horse ranch in the Sierra foothills, (a lifelong dream) and commuting to a great job in the valley. I thought we had a good marriage, but I'm much happier now, so it's hard to say. The damage to the girls was devastating, however. We're healing, but we have very little respect for him. My 10 year old visited him this summer and says he "has a profile on the internet." She's become a wise snooper.
After 31 years of marriage, my now ex-husband, left me for a women he met in a game playing chat room. They played spades together for about a year and started chatting through instant messages. Every time I would come in and ask him when he was going to come downstairs and come to bed he would hold papers in front of the screen or hit a button to wipe the screen clean. I thought it was porn, I knew he had copied plenty of photos off, so I didn't think much until I found the plane tickets and intercepted calls from down south. He gave me some dumb story, as he traveled for his business and had clients he met different places. Our love life was better during this time, than the previous few years and we had just purchase a home for the first time in our married life. He had me quit my job to help run his home office, only I was not allowed access to the computer as I would mess his files up. I wish this site were available to me three years ago. We are now divorce, not because of me or the gal down south, when she found out he was married she dumped him. He wanted to be alone, so he said, we had been together for a total of 35 years and he wanted to be alone. It took him over two years to divorce me, but only one month to move in with the harlot he lives with now. We have been divorce only a little over four months, he has gone through bankruptcy, two jobs and now is living off his new love in another state. He has no contact with me, including failing to pay his maintenance, or with his three children. He is a sad man, this internet kills more than families, it destroys, literally, the people on it.
I recently found out that my husband has been spending a lot of time on line visiting internet porn sites and sex chat rooms. I felt angry and betrayed. When I confronted him he was very defensive and said some very hurtful things to me. He called me names like "fat ass". I am overweight but he has never acted as though it is a problem. He says he is sorry now and didn't mean what he said. The problem is I can hardly even look at him now. I feel like he is dissatisfied with me and our marriage. I am considering divorce since I don't think I will ever feel the same now.
When my daughter was 10 months old I found out my husband had an affair with a co-worker. It was so hard to overcome this. He swore that it didn't go beyond a kiss....bur I don't buy the bull. It had been 1 1/2 years since this happened. I recently met someone who works in the same building where I work. He is married and has 3 kids, he is also going thru some hard times at home with his wife. I am attracted to him and always swore that I would never cheat on my husband regardless of what he did to me. Well this guy has told me on various occasions that he has feelings for me. Nothing has happened with this guy. But lately he has been on my mind and I'm confused and don't know what to do. Any advise out there? Has anyone been in this type of situation?
I know my husband has been talking to other women on the internet. I have caught him and he tries to lie out of it. Is there a way to see his e-mails without knowing his pass word? But most of the time he is using AOL Instant Messages.

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