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True Stories of Cheating Husbands
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I have been married to my husband 13 years. In November I caught my husband cheating on me with the a 22 year old girl who lives 5 houses down from us. This girl knows me and my children and has 2 children of her own and lives with her parents. I have to see this girl every day and every time I see her it brings everything back up again. I think I am hurt more by the way my husband treated me when I found out then by the actual cheating. He treated me as if I did something wrong and still has not taken responsibility for what he did. Now all I hear from him is how I am not the "happy go lucky" person I used to be. I know that they are no longer seeing each other but, what I don't understand is why my husband is no longer interested in sex. I have spoken to this girl and she tells me that he had a problem getting it up so to speak. Ever since I have agreed to let him come home he is having a problem keeping it up with me. Please tell me how to overcome my grief and why my husband seems to be so uninterested in sex.
I have been married to my husband for a little over 1 year. We have a 1 year old son. We work at the same place and about two weeks ago I found out he was cheating on me with another co-worker. This has been going on for a long time (about 6 mos.) And it would still be going on now had I not caught him. I found out by e-mail's, and after reading them, I could tell neither one of them planned to stop any time soon. I also found out about expensive dinners and Hotel room's. Both swear that they did not sleep together, because they just couldn't!!! Now of course he wants things to work out sooo bad and wants to stay married. I love this man with all my heart, but I hurt so bad. I do not know what to do!
We have two computers and neither are hooked up. Are things better? Is he cheating? Am I glad I hung in there? I don't feel he is cheating and he may never again. However, I don't feel it will last. He could be a saint right now but he ruined my trust. I can and never will trust him again. I think it's sickening that we can't have a computer hooked up in our house any longer because he can't control himself. I think it's sad that I have become the type of woman that has to check his wallet and pants to see what he is up to. If your man is like this, run, run as fast and as far as you can. Don't let him back because you can never recover that which is lost. For those of you that do cheat, I truly believe what comes around goes around and hope and wish that every single one of you feels the hurt that we have had to go through. Women/men always look good on the internet because you don't have the daily challenges real life relationships do. If you are thinking of cheating, is it worth it? Is it worth losing the love of significant other? I don't believe that crap that I read on here about us women deserve it because we aren't doing our men right. It's what it's always come down to...most men think with their penis. :)
Ive been married to my husband for 4 years, we were together for 2 before that. We have three kids,(all from previous relationships) and I thought we were in love. Things have been a little rough on us lately financially and my health is not the greatest, but I could always count on him to be faithful to me and love me unconditionally. Well, was I ever shocked when I decided to go into my temporary internet files and saw that he had been going into sex chat rooms on the server we use to play games and chat with friends through a messenger. So, I decided after about 3 months of this(and not letting him know that i know about it) that I would go to a friends house, use her computer, make a new sign in name and profile and see what he was up to. Well I found him in a sex chat room, and I started talking to him, took a deep breath, and finished the job( if you know what i mean) for him. Gave him what he wanted! But I also set up for the woman i was pretending to be to meet with him this weekend, and he agreed. I was devastated. I havent said anything to him yet, and I wont. I am going to see if he makes an excuse to go, and if he does, I dont know what i am going to do. But it wont be pretty! I will have to let you know what happens, after the weekend, so until then, DONT TRUST ANYONE! ;)
My Husband of five years is cheating. He always gone, every day he comes home from work and then go back out for 4 or more hours. I told him i know what is going on! He will not talk to me. Just gives me a mean look! I moving out! He is going to come home to a empty house very soon. I'm too young to be by myself all the time.
I am a 31 yr old woman I have been married for almost 14 years, I have one child and my husband has cheated on me at least 5 times I have caught him in the act but he always had a way of making me think that it was my fault that he was cheating anyway that was within the first five or six years of marriage I should have left but I have a very low self-esteem partly because of his being abusive telling me that I am fat, ugly, whatever he feels like saying at the time anyway I have stayed because I was raised that divorce for any reason was just wrong and that I should make it work no matter the cost so I have tried but it seems like he just has this obsession to sex and porn I just dont know what to do something in my gut tells me that he is cheating again and I have been trying to find out but so far have no real proof I do know that he has been on the net looking at all kinds of porn it just makes me sick he has even looked at some gay sites anyway I have been making myself sick with this for a few weeks and I have been trying to decide what to do my family that I have talked to about this say leave him now even looking at porn is adultery I feel like I am nothing to him and I have been seeing a change in the way that he is with our child as well I have pretty much made up my mind that I am leaving... God only knows that no woman or man should ever have to live through this and any woman or man that would have an affair with a married or otherwise attached person is just a piece of shit the same as the one that is betraying the relationship.
I just trapped my husband of 2 1/2 years having internet sex with a complete stranger. Little did he know it was me. He actually sent me a picture of him and my step son!!! He said he was divorced for 3yrs. and that he had no other children. When he asked for my picture, I was going to send him one of me and our 6mo. old daughter. Wow, he was so easy to trap. Now I feel like a cat with a plump mouse - - I am not sure how to handle the situation. My husband is leaving Friday to get his son, who lives in England with his mummy, and I don't really want to ruin the summer. I am thinking of toying with my husband all summer and then dropping the bomb in September. Did I mention I am pregnant with our second child, due next March. What a class act guy I married.
Married 8+ years, 3 kids, new home. Husband has stolen brief moments with pornography for years. I object but it keeps happening. Now he has a full scale life going on after hours on the computer. He tries to hide it with pop up blockers and spy software to remove the internet cookies, etc. But it is not fool proof. When I sit at his computer, I get lewd popups and have even seen a live chat invite for sex pop up. I have told him I cannot trust him in any area of our relationship. I agonize daily over whether to end it all and am so hurt that someone I love(d) could do this
My ex-husband is scum. He is in the military and when we got married, he moved me from the only home I ever knew to a brand new state and military housing. I worked for him all the time; trying to keep our house looking nice, cooking him dinner, making sure he was doing okay since he had such a stressful job. I even went as far as buying him a car when he graduated from a certain point in his training. Then one day, I went to the grocery store to buy food for dinner that night and when I came home, I caught him in bed with a stripper! I was enraged. They were actually doing the deed as I turned the corner. I grabbed her by the back of her hair and threw her out of my house as naked as the day she was born; and then I dealt with him. I was brain washed. I said, "As long as you promise not to do it again, I'll forgive you." But, who was I kidding? He didn't love me, or he would never have slept with another woman. It was so hard to get over him. I moved back to my home town and tried starting my life again. Eventually, the pain did go away. It took some time though and I am now with a wonderful man who has been loyal and by my side for over 2 years now. Don't let your man walk all over you! You're better than that! You deserve better than that! Cheating in unacceptable no matter what the circumstance is.
It was in 1998- Valentine's day that I discovered the truth. I had a suspicion for about two weeks that my husband had been cheating, but I couldn't prove it. Then, on Valentine's Day morning, I checked my email, or what I thought was my email. We had AOL at the time and you can do quick checks as long as your password is in the system. I didn't look to see who's it was. Well, it was J***'s. An email came from a girl named *****. I didn't have to see the last name to know who this person was. It was his ex-girlfriend form high school and the email was a Valentine's card. I read it and then decided to search for more emails from her. Sure enough, I found so many they went as far back as early December 1997! What hurt me so much was not just the fact that he had denied cheating on me this whole time, but what the emails said. John told Jamie that he regretted marrying me and never wanted to have children with me because all he could think about was her. At this point, we had been married five years and he had not seen or spoken with this person for longer than that. Why now? What happened? When I confronted him again, he still denied it, so I showed him the emails and all he could think of was that I invaded his privacy! He also firmly believed that it wasn't cheating and then began to accuse me of having many affairs even though I had done no such thing. Needless to say, the divorce was very bitter and I can not predict how I will act IF I ever see him again. My experience has taught me to never let a partner have anything "private" again- not mail, not email, not phone conversations- nothing.
I am a 23 year old woman who has been married for little more than three years. I January my husband had a job offer to move out of our hometown. ( 6 hours away ) I was pregnant with our unexpected second child. We decided to take it, but I was to stay behind to finish out my pregnancy with my doctor. We would follow him in June after the baby was born and old enough to travel that long. When he moved he insisted on a cell phone for him even though he has no need for one. My kids and I had only been in our new town for four days when I found e-mails to and from other women. (I check his e-mails and history on a regular basis due to me catching him before) These e-mails were from the time we had left him on a visit up until the time we came down for good. Even on our anniversary and the day our brand new baby had her first shots!!! In the e-mails he talks of meeting these sluts. Although he says he never did. I don't believe him one bit!! I don't know what to do. I just want to catch him and know one way or another. I have e-mailed some of the girls he spoke with, but they haven't e-mailed back. I know one thing is for sure, I WILL be buying the Eblaster!!
ok, this is a long story, but I will try to make it short. My husband is a police officer, I helped him through everything and even supported us financially. I knew that all officers have this "persona" that they are cheaters, so from the beginning I said whatever you do, don't mess up and cheat on someone that supported you through this entire ordeal. In my mind I knew that if temptation was strong enough he would cave. Sure enough I suspected that he was cheating, checked his email and sure enough he was seeing a 19 year old girl. We have pledged to make things work but it is hard. Sometimes I look at him and get so mad. I don't know if you can recover. Is there a way?
2 years ago this month my woman's intuition told me my husband was having an affair (at the time we were married 14 years). He had mentioned our relationship lacked things and at that instant I knew. I begged and pleaded with him asking was he having an affair. He insisted he wasn't. Two days ago I found out he had kissed & petted my best friend and neighbor. At the time two years ago my best friend was going through a divorce. While she was married her family and ours were very close. We did things together every week-end as couples and families. At the time of this incident with my husband she was dating a man who now lives with her. He told me about the kiss two nights ago when I asked them why they didn't come to my husband's 40th B-day party. I haven't been close to my friend much in the past two years and I could never figure out why. This man she lives with is no good. He's very manipulative and jealous. She once had told me of an affair she had on when she was married while employed at a doctor's office. I felt like that was a one time thing for her never expecting anything to occur between her and my husband. She always said my husband wasn't her type. Yet they flirted constantly. I told my husband I didn't like it and he ignored my concern. When I learned of the kiss and my friend said it was true, I confronted my husband and he didn't deny it. I now feel hurt and betrayed by him and her and feel like a fool for not seeing the signs. I love my husband and he loves me. I know the night it happened they both had been drinking but weren't drunk. I know that my husband is regretful and wants our marriage to work. Two years ago I felt very insecure and non-trusting and it took awhile to feel secure and trusting of him. Now, all that insecurity and non-trusting has come back. I know my relationship with her will never be the same, but I wish she'd apologize or something to let me know she regrets it like my husband. She still lives in the neighborhood and our kids occasionally still play together, but I feel I need answers. I'm distracted by the thought and have such anxiety I'm not sure how to feel or what to do.
I'm sure you consider "I never thought this would happen to me" a cliche for this website but I was totally taken by surprise when my husband of 12 years came home and muttered, "Honey, I really love you and I hope you never leave me...but there's a Lady Friend outside that wants to tell you about our affair!" This happened on Father's Day weekend and while I fell apart and tried to kill him (literally) at first I thought with his crying plies of wanting a life with us (referring to our 3 children, ages 2-10)his seeking therapy would be enough for us to rebuild and move on. Why am I still harboring such resentment. We've made love several times and have taken a family vacation since my discovery but I can't help feeling alone and vulnerable. I lived in a "Mary Poppins" world as my bitter, jilted women friends have told me. Do all men cheat? Is a "happy" marriage just a facade? I'm a christian and know God does everything for a reason. I'm sure this will make me a stronger person but for now I'm weaker than those who used to come to me for marital advice.
my husband i know was cheating on line till this day i can not get him to admit to it. but i know he has. how often we sat at the computer and low and behold the yahoo im comes on he couldnt click it off quick enough and me having a mind like an elephant i remembered her screen name and i im her to stop im MY HUSBAND, not hers! she has since stopped. I dont blame here though i blame my husband his thinking it was fun and games, but i kept hammering to him it was breaking my heart and breaking our marraige. with alot of fights and arguments and finally a dose of his own medicine, he has turned around and were working out our marriage. i was in fact ready to leave him because of the intimacy he was sharing with others. i could not handle it and i told him so. had i caught him one more time, i do honestly belive i would of left him, no ifs ands or butts about it. i guess this all got through to him because he rarly gets online anymore, only to check email (yes i know his sign on and password), and for the past 4 or 5 months he has done nothing to hurt me or nothing to harm our marraige ive been with him for 10 years( if you use this email please change my name). no there is not an interenet eraser,mail washer, etc. on our computer so i know he hasnt done this since. when the show came on tv lastnight about this site i made him watch it, he says hmmmm i wasnt doing none of that i looked him in the eye and asked him if he thought i was stupid, no he could not answer honestly so i said ok then just leave it at that. i told him i was visiting this site and he said well you probably already have spyware on our computer anyway.... i just giggled. i dont have it but ill let him think i do.... i figure if i have to go to that extent, im outta here!
discovered my husband of 22 years had sex onlne. I found it (messages) about 3 months ago &even though it happened 3 years ago Im absolutely devastated. I think im moving on &then BANG down I go again. I think whats making it worse is he seems to think it is no big deal he says its not like I was cheating. He really doesnt see it as a betrayal of the biggest kind. I cant talk to my friends as Im so embarrassed &and I dont want friends thinking badly about him. But Im having a real struggle dealing with it on my own. I was surprised that there are so many people this has happened to. There is a word fot it you know e-dultery.I was this happy bubbly person confident in the love & fidelety of my husband, now in the couple of months since Ive lost about 2 stone, my hair is falling out &. IM so sad all the time. People say I look good because Ive lost all this weight & ask if Ive been on a diet if they only knew. My heart is truly broken I dont know how to fix it. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. Im sorry that there are so many of us hurting.
My husband and I were married for almost 30 years when he brought home a computer..Neither one of us had ever used one but we were both curious about it...We both learned together and then we each spent a few hours a week on the computer...After about a year , I noticed that there were a lot of "porn icons" on our screen and asked him how they got there..He said that he had put them there but acted like it was no big deal, so i thought nothing abiout it..I noticed that he was spending a lot of time on the computer at nite but after being married as long as we were, didnt really think anything about it...One day in the mail , he received a porn disc and i confronted him about it..He said that he had no clue why it was shipped to him..Two days later i received our credit card bill and the porn disc was charged to my credit card...I was mortified and i confronted him and he told me that he had no clue how that charge got on the credit card..I finally figured out that he was lying and this is when everything started....He fixed the computer so that he had a password to get in the computer, where i just logged in, this was so i wouldnt see waht he was doing.....He joined a internet dating site and posted a profile, he showed me the profile and i looked ok to me, he said he was just looking for friendship....Well, a woman from another state messaged him and they started corresponding thru e=mails and then on instant message..At tjhat time he was staying up till 3 or 4 am and chatting with this woman..Again i didnt realize that he was chatting with a woman, he said that he was reading jokes and stuff like that..LOL..How stupid of me to believe him....Anyways, one day i can home from the store and he had everything packed and told me that he "had" to see her..He packed everything he owned and left to see her, but the funny part of it was that when he got there , she wouldnt see him..LOL...He got played big time, so he turns around and comes home to me and expects me to welcome him home with loving arm .I didnt and we are divorced now and i think he is very lonely ..but he has what he wants, a computer....And all this started out posting an innocent profile on the net. I am trying to move forward with my life and doing a good job of it...I do know that i will have a hard time trusting again and will never hook up with a guy that cant leave the computer alone
i have been married for 20years. i recently found out that my husband's high school love contacted him about two years ago over the internet. from that time on, they had been talking ever since. fortunately we had been in the military and there was no personal contact, except for the computer and phone. he says that he wanted to protect me and that it was me that he really loves. i actually pushed him away...i did not know what i was doing!!! initially he told me everything was just friends, but i then found out differently. my heart is broken, my ego shattered..and most of all the trust is not there. we still love each other very deeply...but i cant help but feel the only reason he is remorseful is because he was caught. please help with any advice...i want to make our marriage work.
I really dont understand this either. Iv'e been with my husband for 10yrs, however i only have been married to him for 3yrs now, and we have 2 kids together. My problem started over a year ago, i purchased my computer last febuary, for my daughter to do her school work, however it was not for her, or me it became all his. He stayed on it all day and all night. I started getting upset because of the fact that he never got off, in the begining he just played games and downloading music. After a while he got boried and started chatting on msn with alot of people, and then it happened, one day after about 3 or 4 months, he was asleep and something told me to snoop around and i did just that and found things i really really did not like. I then woke him up outraged do to the fact that he was doing this to me. He stated that he was only acting silly and that no one knew who he was or anything about him however those that knew him (which was alot)told me that what they saw seem real to them. He had stated that once he noticed that people was taking it sincere he backed off and stoped, the letter i had read was about 3 weeks pasted due. I still became uneasy about alot of things. After that he hardly went on the computer expected finding music or playing games not connected to the internet. After about 1yr later I still feel uneasy about alot of his doing. I sometimes feel that i'm over parranoted (but then again i'm really not sure)I hope i can see this though and get myself back on my feet again. Yours truly Dont Understand My Man.

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