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True Stories of Cheating Wives
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I am 47 years old married for 24 years we have three children who are 22 20 and 18 years old. Two boys and 1 girl 18 who is the baby. my wife is a good looking lady and all the men like to hit on her. this went to her head. she thinks that she can do better. she told me that she does not love me and that she hasn't loved me in 8 years. what do u do ? i am a hard working person. i have my own construction biz. my two sons work with me and my baby is studying to be a nurse. i think i did my part as a dad. she as in my wife told me that she stayed because of the kids. well the kids are not kids anymore so i guess we will not make 25.
NEVER did I ever think it would happen to me. 19 years together. I thought we had a good foundation. A beautiful home in the country, both with professional careers, well respected by our peers. An above average sex life. I thought things were good.
We started socializing with a new couple that worked with us (yes we all worked at the same company since day one). We dined together. Went to the movies together. Partied together. They had two beautiful teenagers. We had no children (not really by our choice but by God's). One night we were at their house at a party and something to me just didn't seem right. You know, after being with someone for 20 years it is like a sixth sense. The morning after the party, I got up early and went on to our computer. I started checking the history and low and behold, I found numerous email accounts that I had no idea about. So I started trying to crack the passwords. Never use a password that is the name of your dog! Too easy! I couldn't believe my eyes! The next day she moved out. He left his wife and kids within a week. I was devastated. Lost 33 pounds in one month. I went to work and they were there. Giggling like little teenagers. I thought I was going to lose my mind. The next month was pure hell. I found over 100 emails to and from her to other men that to this day I still do not know who they are. She always told me she was going mall shopping with her female friends. She always came home with packages and some dinner for me. Why would I have any doubt where she was. The next month brought my friends to my door, telling me "stories" they had heard about her. Why did they not tell me before? Did they not want to hurt my feelings? I guess if I was in their shoes I would have kept my mouth shut too. Well, the divorce cost me over $9000 and almost two years of my life. I still think about it everyday. Some days it is like it never happened and other days it is in living color. I still can't believe she is gone. Well, she has moved in with him now. I guess they are in love. His wife and I still meet periodically to get it off our chests. We were both betrayed to two rats. I will learn to love again. I will learn to trust again. But I will never forget the pain that adultery causes. I will live with that every day of my life now. Shame on them both.
We just had our 10th wedding anniversary. I do love my wife and have always been faithful. About 3 years into our marriage she confessed to an affair with a mutual friend who is also married. I have tired ever since to forgive her and I believe I have. However, once the trust is broken, it seems impossible to restore the sweetness that existed in the beginning of the relationship. Now, 7 years after the fact, the past infidelity seems to have caused an underlying rot in our relationship. I can't say much except it is very sad. We only have one life. Why do people destroy it this way?
I am in a dilemma. I have been married for 8 years and I think my wife is going to cheat on me with another man. But I wonder if I am at fault but dont think so and could use an opinion or two. About 3 years ago we both started to get sexually venturesome and spoke about threesomes. We had several of them with 3 different men on several occasions and once with another women. TheY were good and shared between us in our love for our pleasures. One of the men whom it happened twice with was extremely handsome, young and lets say well endowed with size and stamina in the extreme. Naturally my wife and I spoke about our shared escapades and had sex on it making it even more stimulating for us both. My wife, in our discussions and at my asking told me that she was his best sex. I did feel a little hurt as I am good and was her best until this. I was assured that I pleased her immensely and that what we did was just sex and sharing erotica in our love. One of my wifeís virtues has always been honesty. Like all relationships there are ups and downs and stressfull times. Well a few days ago my beautiful wife was on the computer and then went to shower and accidentally the computer on online. I was curious and fought the temptation but I looked in her mailbox. She has been corresponding with this man that was her best in sex. He now lives about 300 miles from us and he had written her several times telling her how he wanted to have sex with her again but alone and that he would be willing to come to our area and take a hotel room if she could get away. My wife replied by saying that she wanted to meet him sometime in this new year about half way. Seeing this freaked me out and I recalled how my wife told me a while ago that she wanted to one day just take a day or two and get away herself. To drive to with no place in mind and just check into some hotel, watch tv, relax, have a drink and get away solely to be with herself from the tensions of life, work, kids etc. I now hook up her saying that and the emails that I saw between them. What should I do or what does one think. Our relationship is strong. What should I say or do when the time comes (I think it will) that she comes to me and says that she just wants to get away for a day or so.
About 5 years ago, I started to have problems in my marriage. It started with my suspicion with my wife ex boyfriend sending a letter to her in the mail, which i found by accident. It had mention that his e mail address was included in their correspondence. My wife worked for a school district office and had access to internet at her work. I checked her email one day while she was out with her friends for lunch. On her computer where email from her ex and she was hiding this from me by way of her office. I made copies but did not tell her that I did. I was also a school employee and had access to her computer w/o her knowing. This went on for about three months, before I asked about it, I discovered she had a picture of her ex hidden in her planner. Real tricky these cheaters, and we almost broke up over that. She said it was nothing, but why hide it if it was nothing I say. Anyway, we moved after that year so as to break the connection. We moved some 500 miles to a new town, and started over. I again was employed by a school system and my wife was not. We had a home computer and we used it as well. She had gotten an AOL account without me knowing about and had encryptions put into her email addresses to dwarf my attempts to investigate. This went on about 3-4 months, and to my surprise, it was not the former ex she was having an affair with, but another ex from her working days before I met her. She was explicit in her comments to him and used AOL instant messenger service to do this. She knew to do this during the days I was away on coaching trips and stayed late at schools. I found the information while scrolling down on the hard drive, and we separated after that. She could not deny the facts, because I printed all of the stuff and still have to this day. So people it can be done, but it takes work. Today, I have spy software on my computer for such things and my wife has returned after 2 years and found out that the grass is greener but not as abundant and reliable as the former pasture. So he knows now, that I have the spy network and I have the upper hand. Believe me you, these things happen. She said it was innocent and did not hurt anybody, but she is not me or you. each of us has their little quirks to your relationships. I never trust no one again on the internet.
My wife of 3 years started cheating on me with the well-built older guy next door. She's in her 30's, I'm 40, and he's 50. It ends up she was staying home to work during the day to spend the hours with him, in our house. It seems to be a purely physical thing, between them, and I know I'm powerless to stop it. At this point, I'm wondering if I should just look the other way. He's unmarried. We have no kids. He does things for her that I can't do, hence the "physical affair." I love her too much to leave her, and I don't, myself, want anyone else.
A few months ago I discovered that my wife of ten years had been having an online affair with an ex-boyfriend that had been going on for 4/5 months. I, like most people who consider themselves to be in a loving, committed relationship, never considered the possibility of betrayal, but the atmosphere between us had been such that it lead me to make the uncomfortable decision to download some keylogging software and take a look into her emails, of which the password had been closely guarded for obvious reasons. The software, although showing emails that were suspicious, did not yield any proof, however it did log her side of conversations in MSN Messenger, where most of the affair had taken place. There had been a fairly tame conversation due to my being in the house at the time, but also a full confession to a friend which finally hit me with the truth. Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, our world turned on its head when I confronted here with the truth. I received all the traditional answers of "I promise you I'll end it..." and "It wasn't reality, it didn't mean anything!" Can I just say, for anyone out there who is considering an online affair that IT DOES MEAN SOMETHING! I get a little sick of people saying "It's not like she slept with him." as if that somehow should make it easier to deal with months of lies and intentional deceit! I had always sworn, after past relationships that had ended due to infidelity, that I would never let anyone treat me like that again. But this time round I have two children to consider and a relationship that I have invested so much time into that we made the decision to try to get past this. I've never stayed around to 'pick up the pieces' before, and god knows its a steep learning curve, but its been three months since the discovery and we feel like we're heading in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, this year has been the most tormented of my life, all those months wondering why I felt so unwelcome in her presence, the gut feeling that all was not right without knowing the reason, the months afterwards full of resentment and suspicion. I know that I still have issues to deal with, the trust between us has been severely undermined, with my thoughts of how easy it would be for it to all start up again, her obvious suspicions that I'm constantly spying on her every move when using the computer, things are not healed yet... but my overriding feeling is that they will be and we shall have to learn to live with the scars. To all the injured parties out there... my heart goes out to you. You have been dealt a crushing blow, but speaking from experience I can know start to see a light at the end of the tunnel (and it no longer feels like a freight train heading in my direction!!!) The key, as always is keep talking. Realizing that we have far to much to sort out between us, we have made a concerted effort to talk whenever one of us feels the need to unload their thoughts, and if for no other reason it will give you some idea as to where your partner is, rather than trying to second guess each second of the day. Good luck to you all and remember, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
My wife and I were in our fourth year of a "happy" marriage, when I became suspicious of her on-line behaviour. A few times in the previous year, she would quickly "click-off" the screen when I walked by. I didn't think too much of this, until a few months ago after I dropped her sons and their friends off at a late-evening movie. When I returned home, I told my wife that I would stay up to pick up the kids at 11:00pm,especially since it was a stormy night. My wife was very insistent that I go to bed, and that she would pick them up. Well, I thought that this was unusual, but i agreed. Shortly after I laid down, i heard the unmistakable sound of her at the computer keyboard, with the usual pauses associated with "chat". I got the most awful gut-feeling, and after a few minutes, quietly walked up to her, and once she saw me, she hastily clicked-off and became very defensive. In the days to follow, i went to the library and researched the subject of "infidelity". A very disturbing book actually encourages women to have affairs 50 miles or more from home. The most valuable information that I obtained however, was from internet sites, and THE most informative was! Almost every one of the warning signs on the chart were pointing to her recent behaviours. From the "quick-click" to the calling cards and sexier wardrobe. The truth came out nine days after the "movie night" which I described previously. I was searching for the phone bill which was missing from the rest of the monthly bills. For the first time in our marriage I opened her purse and there it was! there were late-night and early morning (after I normally leave for work) long-distance calls to a major midwestern city, 120 miles from where we live, all to the same number. i dialed this number twice, just to make sure that I didn't misdial. When I asked my wife who she knew in this city by this name, and where she had been going every other Saturday when her kids were visiting her ex, enough of the truth came out to end our marriage, and my dream of a life of marital bliss with who I thought was my soul mate. For anyone who gets that certain "gut-feeling" when they notice odd activity on-line from their spouse, to get ready for the worst. The truth hurts, but its best that you know.
Tell me am I nuts or is it love? My wife is no looker not ugly by any means. let me say that first but she has a heart of gold and I love her dearly. I first found out about her cheating when she sent herself a letter from ONE of her lovers to our home PC. She said it had been over for 9 months and he wanted to start it up again. She just wanted to read it some more to be sure she was doing the right thing. After telling her I knew and going to counseling I found out about 4 more guys. Possibly more. She used to be on the PC all night. I have hundreds of pages of cyber sex thanks to key logger. I said to her one night what do you think of cyber sex. LOL, She said EWWWWWW! How could anyone do that. Then I showed her the papers. Who is laughing now. After going through cell phone bills and computer files here and at her work. Again thanks to key logger. I have her getting screwed at least 30 times over the past two years. She does not go near the PC anymore and has become my wife again. But those words are carved in my mind from her first letter.
My wife and I were married for 23 years when I discovered the romance she was carrying on with someone from Holland. It turned out to be her boyfriend when she was 18 years old and they never had much time together because she immigrated to America with her family which are Indonesian. I noticed the emails in Dutch and she said they were people she knew in Holland, like relatives. Well, we lived on the same block with three more of her relatives and soon they showed a lot of excitement and they would run back and forth to each others house and naturally speak in Dutch because I didn't no what they were saying. So I copied the emails and had them interpreted by a fellow employee that understood Dutch. Everything and anything was writing in their emails and how life together would be so glorious. This guy was also married. It all exploded when she told me that we cannot have sex together because it was of concern to her distant lover and that she will also sleep in one of the other bedrooms. and I was the bad guy because I was not understanding. That came from my wife and her family. I am selling my house and moving to another state. Life goes on.
My wife was cheating on me with a boy 13 years younger with a criminal record while she was carrying my son. I was a Golf Professional and when I was out of town she would give this person oral sex in my house. Even after my son was born they continued, I noticed everything I did was wrong to her so I hired a computer hacker to fly in from out of state and BINGO! My gut instinct was right pages and pages of their x rated affair all to my surprise. Well I busted her and we are now divorced and she has fallen to rock bottom. Remember if you are going to f-up, go up. I made 500,000 a year he was unemployed, your going to get busted no matter what so you better have someone who can support you when you are kicked to the curb.
I was married for seven years and we together had a five year old daughter. I worked and she stayed at home. There were some rocky times in the marriage, but never did I think of cheating on my spouse. I began to notice things when she was at the computer. Her chatting to people in group areas. I thought nothing of it at the time. One night as I laid in bed and could not sleep. I got up to see what my wife was doing. When I stepped into the study, she quickly closed a window or two on the computer. This raised my curiosity as to what she was doing and why she wanted me not to see it. Time passed and I didnít think of it anymore. Then one day while my wife was out shopping I was surfing the net and found a key logging program. I downloaded it and installed the program on the PC before she got back home. I went to work on the night shift the same day. The next day when I got home I went to bed, got up later in the day and my wife was out running errands so I decided to load up the key logging program and see what went on while I was at work. I was shocked to find out that as soon as I left the house she was getting on the internet and into more pronounced chatrooms than she would if I were here. She was looking to chat with men in our area that were single or something of that nature. I found out multiple logins and email accounts that I had no knowledge of. She was living a double life the second I was away from home. One being the loving housewife and mother, the other being the unhappy homemaker trying to find someone to spice up her life. She found exactly that. I began a very set routine monitoring the PC and watching her every move while I was away. A smooth talking man local to my wife by chance connected with her one night in chat and that lead to a more than an internet chat session. All the time she thought she was being covert and having a double romance. I was watching, reading, and crying in between. I choose to not tell her that I knew and decided to try to be the best husband that I could to her. My decision was to see if I could win her back on my own without outside help. This did not work. It ruined my life. I was also leading a double life then. The good husband, and in between, the crying soul mate. I stuck it out as I had decided to do. I did not tell her that I knew. Instead, I got a lawyer and started working on divorcing her. Her tryst led to a meeting at a local hotel on a Monday morning. Three days later my lawyers office served her divorce papers. She was crushed, and knew exactly why. I would have never known of any of this if it wasnít for a monitoring system that I placed on OUR PC. If it wasnít for that key logging program, I would still probably be married to her thinking everything is ok while she kissed me goodbye on my way to work just waiting for me to leave so that "John Doe" could make a visit. People if you have doubts, do not hesitate to do what I did. It may save you heartaches and more in the long run. I would have, should have, could have, done things differently, but that is hind sight and if your reading this, then your probably suspecting something as well. People arenít always truthful. The point is to find out what they arenít being truthful about.

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