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Cheating Wife

Discovering a cheating wife is a life-altering event. Knowing your beloved has tossed aside her marriage vows and given her love to another can shake the very foundations of your world and turn them into rubble. Furthermore, cheating doesn't have to be physical for it to rock a marriage to its core. Emotional cheating is just as wrenching for the affected spouse.

If your wife is emotionally cheating on you with someone she met on the Internet, you're not alone. Internet cheating is on the rise, and it's only going to become more common as the years progress. It's so easy to make romantic connections online. Your wife may have found that she can create an entire fantasy in which her internet lover plays a central role. This make-believe world is probably addictive to her, and she'll have a difficult time breaking free of it on her own.

Protect a Cheating Wife from Herself

Chances are, your wife didn't set out on her online journeys with the intention to cheat. Internet affairs happen because they're new, exciting and "safe." Those who engage in them often wouldn't dream of having a physical affair with someone. Since it's online, though, the affair doesn't seem like it's really cheating.

Of course, once those intense romantic feelings are ignited, it's a simple step for your wife to want to meet her lover in person. By that point, it may already be too late for your relationship. Use the resources here at to get your wife the help she needs to break her internet addiction and end her virtual affair.