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Proof of Infidelity

Pros and Cons of Spying on Your Spouse

There are many reasons not to spy on your spouse. Sadly, there are also many situations where I agree it is necessary. I chose not to spy, to respect her privacy. My wife left before I ever had the chance to save my marriage. webmaster

How To Get Proof That They Are Cheating

If you suspect you have a cheater on your hands and they deny that any affair is going on, you may  need undisputable proof to bring the issue out into the open. There are different ways that cheaters cheat and there are different methods to catch them in the act.

If you have an internet cheater, try downloading a PC monitoring program like KeyLog Pro. It runs silently in the background and will record everything they do on the web. If you cannot install software, use a KeyLogger to record all keystrokes. It cannot be detected by any anti-spy or anti adware software.

If your cheater is having a real life affair, use a phone recorder or GPS vehicle tracker. These devices are low cost and are easy to use.

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Spy Software - PC monitoring programs. Download programs that can secretly record all emails, chats, IM's and web sites visited. Remote install and remote monitoring options - no access to the PC needed.

Spy Hardware- GPS vehicle tracking, keystroke recorders, hidden cameras, phone recorders, room recorders, bug detectors, voice changers, home lie detectors.

Private Investigators- A directory of private investigators for the USA and other countries. Find professionals in domestic investigations and polygraph testing (lie detector test).

Find the Truth About Anyone - People searches, motor vehicle records, background searches, court records, locate assets, check your own background records.

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About the Internet


About Chat
Chat symbol dictionary, ICQ, IRC, emoticons, monitoring chat.

Understanding Email
Using and understanding email. Email basics for beginners. Tracing Email. Email address lookup resources. Recovering deleted email. How to send anonymous Email.

Cell Phone Tracing - Find out the name and address of any cell phone number.

Voice Chat
This is very often the second stage in an internet relationship. Beware if yoursignificant other suddenly buys a headset for their PC.

Game Rooms
It may seem innocent enough, but most game rooms have chat windows attached for people to chat while they are playing.

Internet Resources
directory of Internet related websites.

Infidelity Statistics


Can Cybersex be Counted as Cheating? - Survey

Two-thirds of Attorneys surveyed said the Internet played a significant role in divorces

Cancer, Infidelity Link Eyed
By PAUL RECER, AP Science Writer

Washingtonian Online - Health and Medicine - ADULTERY ON THE THE INTERNET -WE JUST CLICKED

Internet Infidelity Statistics
Overview of Report from Survey on Extramarital Affairs Based on the responses from 1,083 people whose spouses had affairs, by Peggy Vaughan

About the Cheater


Stories of Infidelity
New submissions from our visitors. Archives grouped by stories by women, stories by men, cheaters stories, success stories

Warning Signs
The signs to look for to know if your mate is cheating on the internet or in real life.

How to Catch the Cheater
Ways to catch the internet or real-life cheaterin the act... (because they will rarely confess to it).

Why they Cheat
Despite our familiarity with adultery, we stilldo not understand it. Todeal with a problem, you have to comprehend it.

What they Say
Quotes from cheaters who just got caught. It's unbelievable whattheycancomeup with.

Where they Cheat
Popular places that cheaters meet on the net.


Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?
MSNBC, By Brian Alexander

A link to the Television Show CHEATERS®.
Once CHEATERS® elite private investigators have the undeniable evidence, the philanderer is exposed on national television on CHEATERS®!

Center for Online Addiction

Know EVERYWHERE they go in their car
GPS Vehicle Tracking


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