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Whether you are entering a marriage, long-time married or divorcing, the Equality in Marriage Institute provides information and support. Founded in 1998, the non-profit organization believes marriage is a 50-50 partnership and the most important social contract you will ever enter. The Institute provides marriage advice, divorce advice and more.

Responsible Divorce

Children go through a divorce just as much as you do. They may not have the same feelings that you do, but make no mistake, their feelings may be just as intense and just as scary as yours are.
Divorce happens to kids, they don't get to choose it. Imagine the frustration and anger that they may experience when they are informed that Mommy and Daddy aren't going to be living together anymore.
Children love BOTH of their parents. The relationship that has broken down is the one between you and your spouse. There is typically no reason for the relationship that your kids have with both parents to suffer as a result of the divorce.
Kids are amazingly resilient. You will probably be amazed at how adaptable your children are. Survive-Divorce.com

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A Practical Guide to Deciding Whether or Not to Get a Divorce


In this ground-breaking book, Michele Weiner-Davis gives straightforward, effective advice on how couples can stay together instead of come apart.

Inspirational and accessible, Divorce Busting shows readers in pain that working it out is better than getting out. Divorce Busting

LifeManagement.com - A resource for life transitions.

LifeManagement.com has topics dealing with separation and divorce and matters relating to senior care, the elderly, and disabled, not to mention extensive file and media libraries in these areas, not available elsewhere. Some of the issues covered under their FlyingSolo® program include custody and visitation, alimony and support, property division, state-specific information based on local law, taxation, bankruptcy and divorce, dealing with marriage problems, estate and health planning, retirement issues, mediation, arbitration of matrimonial matters, divorce advice, and much more. LifeManagement.com

Divorce Help for Women

This site is dedicated to helping women get the best outcome from their divorce. They state that not only can a woman survive a divorce, but she can even thrive in it's aftermath and build a successful new chapter in her life. A very informative site with lots of great articles and helpful links click here.

"Divorce Talk" with Carl Palatnik


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Mondays at 10 am and 10 pm ET

Divorce is Wrong


Learn the truth about what God wants for you and your family. "Divorce is NOT the way out of a bad situation. Work through it together to establish a solid foundation and have the life you desire."

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Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child

Spouses divorce each other, but they do not divorce their children. A majority of former spouses are able to establish a relatively conflict-free parenting relationship for the benefit of their children. However, about a third have difficulty in establishing a workable parenting relationship, even years after the divorce. aamft.org, In her research on divorcing parents, family therapist Constance Ahrons identified different types of post-divorce parenting relationships: "perfect pals," "cooperative colleagues," "angry associates," "fiery foes," and "dissolved duos." However, even when parents are "angry associates" or "fiery foes," there are ways they can develop cooperative or business-like relationships for the sake of their children. Parental conflict can hinder children's adjustment and good coparenting skills are very important to a child's adjustment.

  LifeLine After Divorce

A Powerful Recovery Program After a Broken Love Relationship.

Secret Strategies for Helping Your Kids Through Divorce - Click Here!

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DivorceInfo - to help you survive your divorce with some money in your pocket and your dignity intact.
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Responsible Divorce -This site gives you information to help you make the effects of divorce gentler on your children and yourself.


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