Forgiving Infidelity

Forgiving infidelity isn't easy. When such fundamental trust has been broken in a relationship, it's going to take a lot of work to restore it. Further, even if you find you are able to forgive the infidelity, you'll almost certainly never forget it. If you and your mate decide to stay together, you'll have to be really careful to avoid using it as a weapon in any disagreements the two of you have in the future.

In order to forgive infidelity, you're going to need to see some kind of indication that your mate is truly sorry for what he or she has done. You will also want assurance that the affair is over and he or she will not see any secret lover again under any circumstances. Forgiving infidelity may also involve the temporary use of some kind of monitoring. With mutual agreement, you may consider installing recording software on your computer that will reveal anything your partner has done while online. This way, you'll know your mate hasn't been chatting with a paramour anymore.

Forgiving Infidelity Is Healthy

If you and your partner want to stay together, but you're having trouble forgiving infidelity, you may need some additional help. Reading books and articles on the subject can be beneficial and talking to a marriage counselor may be a necessary step. If you can get your partner to agree to go to counseling with you, the sessions will be even more helpful.

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