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Unspoken Rules of Relationships

Unspoken Rules of Relationships

You will not find these "rules" spoken in many wedding vows. They never need to be. In my opinion, these rules are naturally followed by two people that truly love each other. I am not a relationship expert. What do you think? Please send your anonymous comments about the Unspoken Rules of Relationships. Thanks!

A New Years Resolution: Stop Cheating on the Internet

Are you an internet cheater that is trying hard to be faithful? Have you promised your mate that you would stop looking at porn, but you still do? The internet has a powerful lure. Here are tips to help you reduce some of the temptations the web can present you with.

1) Admit to yourself that your internet use is causing problems in your relationship.

2) Have a purpose when you go online. Don't sign on because you are bored, lonely or had an argument with your spouse.

3) Keep your computer in an open location. Do not go online when you are alone.

4) Remove any Instant Messenger or chat programs. Change your email address.

5) Agree to install PC monitoring or filtering software so your spouse can regain trust and you have proof that you are not cheating while online.

6) Spend more time with your spouse, family and friends. Enjoy real life activities that that take you away from the computer. Go for walks, go out for dinner, exercise, shopping, see a movie.

If you are sincere about changing the way you use the internet, try these steps. Your partner is sure to notice and it is a good way to start rebuilding trust in a relationship damages by internet infidelity.
Marian Stansbury, Ph.D.

It is a common misconception that an online cheater would have cheated in real life given the opportunity. Some of the reasons that online relationships are different than those in real life are given in this article on Dr. Stansbury's web site.

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Sex, Infidelity and ReligionSex, Infidelity and Religion

In a recent survey, almost 40% of Americans believe that their religious beliefs factor into their sexual behavior. ChatCheaters has a new page dedicated to religion and infidelity.

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Your Relationship is Worth Fighting For
Darren & Donna McNees

Advice from a couple that has stayed together through the ups and downs of relationships and life. A free self-esteem test can also be found on this site by author Alison Finch.

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Company Provides Easy Way To Reverse Cell Phone Numbers.

Are strange numbers popping up on your phone bill? An online service is now available that traces cell phone and land line numbers to provide you with the matching billing name and address.


Infidelity - the Lasting Consequences

in the depth of our consciousness, in the core of our being, we want to be loved exclusively. Infidelity attacks the essence of what we desire.

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"Fantasy breeds need"
- anonymous


The Chemistry of Love
An article by Bob Bankard - PhillyBurbs Special Sections talks about love.
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Could He Be Cheating?

An online quiz by Courtnay Sander, tell you if your suspicions might be on-target, or whether you could be overreacting.

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