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The Secret Lives of Wives
By Lorraine Ali, Lisa Miller and Vanessa Juarez - Newsweek

Newsweek provides much needed attention to the rise of infidelity in the cover story of their July 12th issue. ChatCheaters is honored to have been mentioned in this article.

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Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Being aware of the warning signs of infidelity can alert you to an affair in its early stages, giving you the best chance for recovery. Here are some of the signs to look for in a spouse cheating online or in real life.

Online Affairs: Look for an increase in the time they spend privately on the internet. They are reluctant to let you have access to their computer. Erasing their Internet History and constantly clearing their sent and deleted email is another sign that they have something to hide.

Real Life Affairs: Cheaters will spend more. Check your bank account and credit cards for unexplained purchases. They will have time unaccounted for when you cannot reach them. For example, working overtime or their cell phone "stops working". 

If you find you have a cheater, it is important that you find out why they would risk ending your relationship by cheating on you. Otherwise, it may happen again, and next time they will be more secretive about it. more

Infidelity - Is it in the Genes?

A scientist claims that some people may be genetically programmed to be unfaithful to their partner. A BBC News World Edition article.

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Infidelity Linked to Cancer?

A study by the National Cancer Institute found that women are up to 11 times more likely to develop cervical cancer if their men have many other sex partners during a marriage. Infidelity Statistics

How to Prevent Affairs
Peggy Vaughn -

What will NOT work: promising to be faithful, threats or ultimatums, religious commandments, having more children, repeating the marriage vows, spicing up your sex life, trying to be "perfect," and trying to meet all your partner's needs. Read more about The Monogamy Myth

How Do I Know if My Boyfriend is Cheating?
Advice for teens at
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New Cell Phones May Help Cheaters
Watch out for cell phones that are offering features that can help a cheater hide his tracks. Video phones are now available that allow users to select the background of their choice before answering a call. A cheating spouse in a motel can answer the call with the image of the office behind them. Another company offers downloadable software that can add background noises behind your cell phone conversation, to make you think your cheater is at the office, dentist, on the street or even operating heavy machinery.

Getting Over it

Individuals heal emotionally in different ways and on different schedules.

It took me about two years after my wife left before I can say that I "got over it". It wasn't that I was thinking about her as much as I was dwelling on the pain and the fear of it happening again. I don't know if this is considered a long time to heal from a 24 year marriage coming to an abrupt end, I just know that's how long it took for me.

Don't let others tell you when it is time for you to "get over it". They may have their own agenda or they may simply recover faster from emotional setbacks than you. Heal at your own pace.

I am not suggesting that you wallow in misery without trying to get back in the swing of things. I tried that, it doesn't work. It is important to move on and to get yourself together. You will not recover without trying. Give yourself some time and then make an effort to get back in the game (of life).

Take it from someone that loved completely and lost it all. Life can be good again. - webmaster

The High Cost of Internet Pornography

By Linda S. Mintle, Ph.D.

With internet pornography, many are logging on to sexual addiction - and paying a big price.

Internet pornography is big business with over 1 million pornographic web sites playing to 75 million adults and 25 million children online. Easy access brings the problem to the homes and offices of many men. Pornography offers excitement and immediate gratification but has long-term negative effects.

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Is Chatting Cheating?
Julie Kirkwood

In this article, the mayor of a city in Massachusetts finds out first hand, the trouble a little online flirting can cause. She insists the relationship never led to adultery and it ended three months ago. When her husband saw copies of the e-mails, he got so upset he went to the house of the "other man" and was arrested on assault charges. Read more

A must see site for anyone that has had a relationship affected by betrayal. A compassionate couple that has recovered from their own struggles with infidelity, provide a safe place for healing and rebuilding your self-esteem, relationship and self worth.  Caring volunteers moderate over forums and contribute to the "Healing Library", which contains books, links and well thought out articles from the heart. Visit this site

Avoiding the “Greener Grass” Syndrome
How to Grow Affair-Proof Hedges Around Your Marriage
Nancy C. Anderson

This book is a compelling chronicle of Nancy’s journey to the other side of the marital fence and her return as a prodigal wife seeking forgiveness and restoration. Find out more

The Cycles of Sexual Addiction

This informative web site has articles on the signs of sex addiction, patterns and examples of sexual addiction. read more of this article

Controlling Anger -- Before It Controls You
American Psychological Association

This article focuses on dealing with anger. It contains smart approaches to handle your feelings when you get angry for any reason, not just infidelity. It discusses how to direct your anger outward in positive ways and the dangers of bottling your anger inside.

Is it a good idea to "let it all hang out"? Their answer may surprise you... read more

The Cycles of Sexual Addiction

This informative web site has articles on the signs of sex addiction, patterns and examples of sexual addiction. read more of this article

Eat Your Carrots
A well done weblog site from the UK discusses the subject of infidelity.
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Wife Cheating on Military Man Asks For Advice.
Dr. Judith and two licensed clinical social workers answer a question from a cheating wife.
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Life After Divorce
An excellent article by Lynette J. Hoy, a marriage and family counselor, that addresses many common questions sent in to ChatCheaters.
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Infidelity Poem
A poem called "Online Affair" about a husbands infidelity. Read Online Affair


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