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Infidelity Forums

The infidelity forums here at can be useful tools for those who are coping with cheating mates. When you've been cheated on, it's easy to feel as if you're the only one in the world this has ever happened to. You may feel as if you've done something wrong or that you weren't good enough for your spouse or partner. It's likely that you'll wonder how anyone could ignore his marriage vows or personal promises so blatantly, since it's been so easy for you to be true to him. Talking to others on the infidelity forums can give you some peace of mind, and you can benefit from the experience of others while maintaining your privacy.

The infidelity forums are divided into several sections, depending on what your personal situation is. These sections are:

  • Cheating boyfriend
  • Cheating husband
  • Cheating wife
  • Cheating girlfriend
  • Catching a cheating spouse
  • Healing and counseling
  • Moving on
  • General chat (for anything not related to cheating)

Infidelity Forums for You

The ChatCheaters forums are free to use, and you can sign up and post there whenever you find a conversation that is interesting to you. Of course, there's no requirement that you post at all. In fact, some people find that they feel better after simply reading the postings of others on the infidelity forums.

Our Infidelity forums are kind of like anonymous group therapy. You never have to reveal your real name, and no one ever sees your face when you use these resources. You can get some of the same benefits as group counseling, without having to worry about someone from the group seeing you in the real world. This makes infidelity forums valuable tools in the healing process.