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Infidelity Support Groups

Infidelity support groups are wonderful resources in recovering from the devastating impact of a cheating spouse. While you may be reluctant to participate in an infidelity support group at first, due to the embarrassment of being cheated on, these groups are important tools in the healing process. If you can't find an infidelity support group in your area, consider an online group.

An online infidelity support group will allow you to remain anonymous to a certain degree. No one will see your face or hear your voice, and you can create any screen name for yourself that you like. Further, online infidelity support groups are free and available for you to visit whenever you like.

Infidelity Support Groups and More

Here at ChatCheaters, we have several active message boards that act as infidelity support groups for those who have been cheated on by loved ones. The boards are broken into several categories, such as "cheating girlfriends" and "cheating husbands," so you can choose the area that pertains to you. Reading about the experiences of other people who have gone through the heartache of infidelity and getting their input into your situation may assist you in working through your own feelings.

In addition to our message boards, we have listings for marriage counselors and divorce lawyers across the country. We also have many articles about how to catch or stop a cheater. Browse our website today to find the help you need.