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Internet Infidelity

Internet infidelity is real, and it can happen to you. The Internet makes it easy to meet new people in an atmosphere of total anonymity and unaccountability. You can be anyone you want to be online, using your new persona to attract the attentions of people from all over the world. Eventually, you can find yourself with a virtual-fantasy world that you can turn to whenever your real life doesn't meet your expectations.

As you might suspect, such an environment is tailor-made for encouraging affairs and infidelity. It can also be extremely addictive. People who engage in internet infidelity often find themselves unable to tear themselves away from the computer, even if they want to. It's like being an alcoholic or taking illegal drugs. The person who is addicted is going to need some outside help in order to break free. If your partner is addicted to the Internet, you owe it to your relationship to help him or her put a stop to this obsession.

Internet Infidelity Is Devastating

Of course, your partner may not want to be helped at first. This is often true of other addictions as well. In such cases, an intervention may be necessary. Interventions are difficult but worth it in the long run. Too many relationships are destroyed by internet infidelity for you to stand by and allow it to happen.

If you believe your relationship is still worth fighting for, take whatever steps may be necessary to break your partner's internet addiction. You can find a multitude of resources to discover and stop internet infidelity at We're here to help you.