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Internet Monitoring Software

Internet monitoring software could save your marriage after an affair. While it may be more common to think of internet monitoring software as something to use to catch a cheater, installing it without your partner's knowledge could actually be detrimental to your relationship. If your partner isn't cheating and discovers the software, it could be difficult to recover from the breach of trust. If your partner is cheating, his or her anger over the software could prevent any hope of reconciliation between the two of you.

Instead, the best use of internet monitoring software is to help a marriage recover from infidelity. In this case, you and your mate both agree to the installation of the software. The internet monitoring software is put into place to give you peace of mind that your partner isn't cheating anymore and allow your partner to prove his or her continuing innocence. The use of internet monitoring software to help a marriage heal is always temporary, but it can be quite powerful in the recovery process.

Internet Monitoring Software for You

Here at, you can find links to several different monitoring programs you might find useful in your own marriage. Our site also provides information on other types of surveillance equipment that can help you catch a cheater. For those who need counseling or divorce lawyers, can refer you to reputable professionals in your area.

Additionally, we have a thriving message board for people who have been affected by infidelity. Visit and join our forum to hear about the experiences of others and get suggestions for your own situation. Talking with others can be very healing for victims of infidelity.