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Christine Fulton - Investigative Researcher

Spousal Infidelity - Chances are you are already suspicious that your partner may be cheating. Statistics indicate that over 50% of men are unfaithful. And don't be fooled; just as many women are cheating! We can let you know what's going on to ease your mind. Direct contact from actual sighting so you can know in real time, not from a written report.
Locate People - Have you been thinking about a lost love, an old neighbor or business associate? Our success rate for finding individuals is 99%. We track people in the US and Europe.
Competitive Intelligence - Are you a corporate executive wanting to know how your competitors are structured? Are you a job seeker wanting to know some of the key companies in your industry area? Need help kick starting a job search?
Background Checks - Are you hiring an employee and need to know if they have a criminal record? We have a 48-hour turnaround time (in some cases sooner).

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Are you a licensed private investigator specializing in domestic investigation?
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