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Marital Infidelity

Any relationship can be vulnerable to marital infidelity. The modern age has put an increasing number of temptations in front of people and made it easier than ever to cheat. The Internet is one of the biggest culprits in the modern rise in marital infidelity. With its endless supply of pornography and proliferation of chat rooms where people can create new and exciting identities for themselves, the Internet is a veritable playground for anyone who is tempted to cheat on one's spouse.

Once a person has delved into the world of internet sex, it's easy for it to become an addiction. In fact, Internet addiction can be just as powerful and intoxicating as an addiction to alcohol or drugs. It's very difficult for a person to break this addiction without help, and every moment the addicted person spends online is another minute he or she has to engage in activities of marital infidelity.

Put a Stop to Marital Infidelity before It Starts

There are some clear warning signs that your spouse may be engaging in marital infidelity online. If your marriage partner suddenly closes a browser window every time you walk into the room, or spends more time on the computer than with you, or is very vague and secretive when you ask about his or her online activities, there may be cyber cheating going on.

Asking whether you can install monitoring software on your computer or requesting access to your spouse's e-mail accounts can help you determine whether marital infidelity has occurred. If you discover your spouse has been cheating online, come to We have the resources you need to assist in the recovery process.