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Online Infidelity

Online infidelity is a product of the modern era. The Internet is a wonderful tool for doing research, keeping in touch with family and friends and socializing. However, the steady access to information and the anonymous nature of the online world also make it a place that's full of temptations. An internet affair can start almost before the cheater realizes it's happening, and the excitement can become addictive.

One of the things that makes online infidelity so easy for the cheater to carry out is anonymity. You can be anyone you want on the Internet. After all, no one has to see your face or hear your voice if you don't want him to. You can create a new persona and use it to attract the attentions of others. Of course, the people you meet online may also be using created identities. Together, you spin a fantasy world in which you can do anything you like, and infidelity is often a part of that.

Online Infidelity Is Real

If you suspect your love partner of engaging in online infidelity, there are several important warning signs. These are:

  • Your spouse spends hours a day on the Internet
  • Your spouse won't answer questions about what he or she does while online
  • Your spouse closes out the browser windows when you enter the room
  • Your spouse withdraws from you emotionally and sexually

Once you've discovered the infidelity, it's time to take action. Whether you choose to stay together or separate, you're going to need assistance in healing from this devastating experience. Remember, is here for you during this difficult time. Use our resources to get through it.