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Prepaid legal services are allowing average Americans to protect themselves legally by providing access to top lawyers and law professionals for just pennies a day. Instead of being denied legal help because of prohibitive legal fees, a prepaid legal plan allows average middle class and working class people to make small monthly payments – usually less than $1/day - and still get to speak with some of the top law firms and their lawyers in every state for most of their legal help.The idea is similar to healthcare, dental programs and life, home or auto insurance.

Pre-paid legal plans require a monthly payment even if no service is needed to remain in good standing and have access when needed – even just to fight a speeding ticket in a local municipal law court!The largest and most popular prepaid legal company offering prepaid legal service plans is the publicly traded, debt free corporation from Oklahoma: Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. This New York Stock Exchange member was formed back in 1972 and has become the pre-eminent prepaid law network available to average people in the US and Canada. Utilizing the top legal firms in the country in every state based on stringent guidelines and performance, Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc offers comprehensive family plans that cover a broad range of preventive and litigation-related legal expenses which most people need but without a prepaid plan can’t afford. In addition, Pre-paid Legal also offers specialized legal service products and plans for small business owners, professionals, truck drivers, law enforcement, and educators.

I have personally used Prepaid Legal, Inc for 2 years and have saved thousands of dollars and had legal experts assist me with reviewing business contracts, writing cease and desist letters for copyright infringement, breech of contract letter ultimatums, and even traffic tickets and immigration questions. Living in Washington State I got access to competent knowledgeable lawyers (there are over 100,000 lawyers within the prepaid network to assist you in every state!). Instead of worrying about dizzying legal costs that can quickly spiral into orbit, like when I paid a contract lawyer to disseminate a lengthy 65 page contract for me in 2001 costing me $4000!, as a prepaid legal member I can simply make a toll free telephone call and speak with a lawyer without the pressure of the clock, and get advice or a solution to a problem that might otherwise cost me a small fortune in legal advice and litigation fees.

I enjoyed the freedom and value of the Prepaid Legal service so much and was so impressed by the quality of legal help that I decided to start a new career as a Pre-Paid Legal Associate to sell a much needed law service I believe in and have had a positive personal experience with. Many of my business collegues are developing businesses that are creating incredible financial freedom while helping others get the legal help otherwise out of reach. I am excited to build my business as well and the tools and support Prepaid Legal, Inc provide are exceptional. When I learned that these programs have been available in Europe for years with nearly 60% of Europeans using a Prepaid legal plan and yet in contrast only 2% of Americans currently utilize a prepaid legal service, I was amazed by the enormous opportunity at hand that is likely on the verge of exploding. The Pre-Paid Legal business opportunity is structured as a network marketing program and pays me a handsome commission on a daily basis directly into my bank account.

With over a million satisfied prepaid legal members and rapidly growing, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc has a solid reputation and track record that provides confidence to me and every other associate that we will continue to be a part of the leader in prepaid law plans which help average Americans and Canadians to have access to the best lawyers and law firms in the nation at a fraction of the normal legal fees most people face with litigation issues.






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