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Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

In order to protect yourself from infidelity, you have to learn the signs of a cheating spouse. The classic signs of working late, going on a lot of business trips and making frequent visits to the home of a "friend" can all indicate your spouse is actively engaging in a physical affair. However, the signs of an internet affair are often more subtle and difficult to spot.

Lots of spouses who become involved in internet affairs feel that having an online relationship isn't really cheating. After all, it isn't real. There is no physical contact between the two parties, just lots of deep, intimate discussions and talk of sex. The danger of internet cheating is that it can all too easily lead to an in-person meeting for real sex. Plus, the online affair can become addictive for the cheating spouse, causing the person to spend increasing time on the Internet and away from the family.

Know the Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Some signs of online cheating include a spouse who closes the web browser as soon as you enter the room, signs up for multiple email accounts, insists on privacy while online and goes online while the rest of the family is asleep. If your spouse is exhibiting any of these signs, you owe it to yourself to ask whether your marriage partner is having an online affair. If the answer is yes, it's up to you to put a stop to it immediately.

Don't let an online affair go on, thinking it's harmless. Tell your spouse to choose which relationship is more important.  Then, come to for more advice on how to deal with internet infidelity.