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Surviving Infidelity

Surviving infidelity is possible, but it is a long, difficult road. However, once you've traveled it, you'll come out stronger on the other side. Surviving infidelity is almost like going through a battle in a war. It's horrible and frightening, and you always wonder when the next grenade is going to be hurled your way. Once it's all over, though, you'll have a powerful sense of confidence in yourself that you've never had before.

In order to survive infidelity, you first have to discover it. Cheating spouses and partners will go to great lengths to hide their despicable acts. If you question your cheating spouse regarding suspicious activities, he or she will likely get angry with you and accuse you of being too controlling or nosy. The person will do everything possible to make you think the problem lies with you. This is the way for your love partner to feel protected and create an easy "out" if your mate wants to leave the relationship.

Surviving Infidelity the Right Way

Surviving infidelity involves a few essential steps. These are:

  • Confront the cheater
  • Communicate with the cheater regarding the reasons for the affair
  • Discern the cheater's willingness to stop the affair once and for all
  • Decide whether you will end the relationship or try to save it
  • Get marriage counseling if necessary
  • Forgive the cheater

Forgiving the cheater is perhaps the most important step to surviving infidelity. Forgiveness is important to your future peace of mind and ability to cope, whether you stay with the cheater or not. For more information on dealing with the discovery of an affair, come to You'll find all the resources you need right here.