Signs of Infidelity
Signs of a Cheating Spouse
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Signs of Cheating
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Warning Signs of Infidelity
The "Quick Click"
Frantic mouse clicking when you enter the room
Spending too much time on the net or while you are sleeping The strong desire for privacy when On-Line Purchase of a phone calling card
Signing up to multiple web-based email services They start exercising and are more concerned about their looks Caller disconnects when you pick up the phone Suddenly wants a digital camera or scanner
Lack of attention and/or affection towards you The computer becomes more important than the family/relationship Becomes secretive with cell phone. Look for long incoming calls at odd hours. Gets Viagra
Acquires a pager, becomes secretive with a pager. Unexplained payments on bank statements Gas credit cards contain uncommon locations of gas stations They beg to do their own laundry
They become unavailable at work. Work more "overtime" They ask about your schedule more often than usual Mileage on car is higher or lower than should be Clothes smell unusual or have stains
They get lazy around the house They argue with you more. Get upset over little things They don't want to talk about it They get defensive if you ask if they are cheating
Changes their day to day behavior They buy you gifts or flowers for no reason (except that they feel guilty) You catch them in small lies They want to do less activities as a family

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