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Having a great looking web site and offering the hottest selling products doesn't mean a thing if people don't know you exist. We are experts at getting you noticed. Submitting your web site to search engines like Yahoo and Google in the right way, can make the difference between a site that gets 10 hits a day or 10,000 hits a day.

Site Optimization Before you submit your site to the search engines each month, you should make sure that your site is optimized for search engine compatibility. Optimizing your site means that you adjust the content of your site so that when someone types in "organic flowers" in a search engine, your site comes up on the first page of the results. This is extremely important to the success of you web site.

Search Engine Submission Submitting your site monthly to search engine's and directories keeps visitors coming to your web site. Proper techniques are needed to insure that you are not penalized for submitting too often or in the wrong way. Submission is generally free, but almost every search engine and directory has a way to get quickly included in search engines with paid advertising. Prices range from $15-300 per year or can be on a pay-per-click basis. It is not always necessary to use paid advertising to get noticed. receives millions of hits every month and we have never used paid inclusion. It will be up to you to determine if paid advertising is right for you.
Analyze Your Ranking Analyzing your ranking in the search engines helps you decide what changes are needed in your optimization techniques and search engine submissions to bring you to the first page of any search. Web sites that are listed on the first page of a search result is much more likely to get clicked on.
Let us do it all for you. Allow us to use our expertise to quickly get your web site site listed in 1000's of search engines and directories.

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$25.00 US per month - includes
  • Web Site Optimization (every page on your site)
  • Submission to 1000's of search engines and directories
  • We analyze your search engine ranking
  • Detailed web traffic report emailed to you

Try this!  Click here for a search for "internet infidelity" in Google and you will find ChatCheaters ranked on the first page (over 90,000+ other web sites). We can get your web site on top too!


If you have an ideas or opportunities: please email us so we can help others. Thank you. was created to be a positive influence to the discovery,
repair and peaceful resolve of relationships threatened by internet infidelity.

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