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Here are some locations where internet cheaters meet

Know of any more?
Please send the web address to - The Ashley Madison Agency. "When Monogamy Becomes Monotony". For attached women seeking affairs. Now in Canada.

Married and Flirting, Married but Flirting. These are very popular groups in MSN and Yahoo. They are localized, as in "Married and Flirting in Seattle". Watch out if you find your cheating spouse on one of these sites, they are most likely looking to connect for a real life affair.

The SIMS Online is a complete virtual world where users can create their own fictional characters that intermingle with others in an animated setting. More than one visitor has posted a story of a loved one becoming completely immersed in the SIM world. Destroying the real life family.

First, I want to thank you so much for your website! My fiancee' and I have
had some problems due to his past infidelity on the internet.
I would like to provide you with some sites cheaters tend to visit: *where you can rate pictures and
chat/e-mail members... BEWARE!!!!* *the den of all iniquity*

My husband had his "affairs" in POGO Games - his favorite was Poppit.
Although not intended as a meeting place for cheaters,
losers seem to find each other in their "adult" rooms.
From a visitor: "Some people are now going to a place called Paltalk, (video conferencing,
private chat rooms, etc). Look into this one, I know all about it!"

Yahoo Groups Directory - Married and Flirting - By Location
A large group of forums for cheaters to find other cheaters. Click On Countries, Regions or U.S.
I believe that Yahoo is promoting infidelity by providing such a resource.

Married and Cheating
A pay site for cheaters who are serious about meeting.
An Online Dating and Chat Directory
A Dating Agency for Married People
How could someone make a site like this?
They (and the people who sign up there), have no conscience or morals.
One exception, married couples that date with each other's knowledge (swingers)
not that I think that married-and-dating is healthy for any relationship,
but at least they are not betraying a trust.

MSN Romance Chat
This site was submitted by a visitor to ChatCheaters (Thank you!).
She found that her husband was meeting other woman here.
The site is not for strictly for cheaters, just another connection site for
those that need the assistance of the internet to meet someone.

The WebArrow Chat Directory
A fast loading directory of all types of chat rooms, not just cheating sites.

Not for just reconnecting with old friends..
Rate pictures and send notes to people who have similar ratings as yours.
It is destroying my relationship. --- AC

I was looking for a nice chat room the the other day,
and I popped into the AOL "Lifestyles" chat.
It was full of porn site ads and people flirting with one another
in a graphically sexual manner. It was a lot of people doing
the chat equivalent of phone sex. --- Mandy

My cheating husband frequents: -- daily
I found it in the history folder of our computer, but was able to access account and password and monitored husbands activity on it. Even set him up, made up a personality and lured him into cheating and meeting me. was my man with his junk on the net!